Wrong Day

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Ok sitting here listening to the recording the random bar stuff that I type for night ten happened at the end of night eleven.

Night Eleven

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We started this right after night ten on the same gaming night.

Well, on this night James, Gracey, and Hannah decide that it is time for them to find some blood. (A few quick rolls and way too much chatter later, we move on.) Paul calls up some friends and has Christian over to partake in the fun. Paul was able to gather a few friends over to make the night more fun for Christian. Christian does take one of the guests off to the side. After this, Paul gives James a call to see if he would also like to have some fun and pick up Hugh on the way. This did not sound like something James wanted to do, but he gave into Paul’s request. James and Hugh arrive a little later at Paul’s. Hannah, in the mean time, goes out for a walk. I ask about what type of walk she was going on, she just wanted to walk around the area close to her place. Not much ever comes of it. Victoria does make it to the meeting with Nadene to find that Nadene has an interest in helping Victoria along, on her way through the mine field that is coming her way. After her meeting with Nadene, Victoria gives Gracey a call to set up a place to meet to trade the file she has. As Gracey gets back to her place she checks her e-mail and finds some from her old team mates. (Check her background for info.) (I gave the player the assignment to tell me what was in the e-mail she sent back.) Gracey tries Paul, getting his voice mail, then she calls Victoria back and sets up the meeting for trading the file. Victoria tells Gracey she will give it back, but Gracey will owe her a favor later. After this short meeting, Gracey takes the last file back to the office. At this point in Hannah’s walk, I throw in that she notices that another vampire is in the area around her. She continues to walk around. After Gracey was done taking the files back the question of did she make copies of the files and after having a roll decide, I go with, she made copies of the important information. Victoria accepts that and leaves her alone. Gracey heads back to her haven, but decides along the way to stop at a park close by for so time to contemplate resent events. This leads into more mostly out of game chatter. During Gracey’s walk in the park, she meets up with a Nosferatu named Mithy. They have a short talk that ends without much resolution in the conversation.

We wrap up the night with everyone heading back to their havens for the next days rest.

Into night ten…

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About three weeks ago, I did some one-on-one storytelling with most of the players to give some more information about the world around them and spark some more interest in the game. I put up the preface texts that I used in these for the most part. In this, I am moving on to what happened after those little events. I am hoping for the players to write what happened in those events and their reactions to it. Now, on with the show…

As Gracey leaves her place of capture, she heads directly to her haven to retrieve the files that she had stolen a few nights earlier, only to take the files back to the office that they came form. Victoria heads for her haven to see what is left of all the information that she has been accumulating in the past nights. Christian exits the back room of the club his sire had put him in and heads out to see if he can find out some more information on Vern. James, in a huff about what his sire has told him, decides that there is little to do but wait and see. Hugh gets proactive and goes out to a “friend’s” place and has a talk with this friend about “something he over-heard a few nights ago”. Paul, after getting himself let go by one of the resident servants, goes on the prowl for some release. Gracey, on the trip home, remembers that Victoria had taken one of the files from her and gives her a call. Victoria, not being in the mood for requests, gives her the brush-off, even with Gracey making promises that may get her in too deep for her own good, to get the files back. As she makes her way into her apartment, Gracey gathers all of the files that she has and takes a cab back to the office that they came from. After dropping off the files she needs to relax and head out to the club they had gone to a little over a week ago “Altered Currents”. (Gracey will be there for some time as the rest of the group spends time this night.)

Victoria makes it to her haven to find that her sire’s office is cleaned out and much of her office has been gone through, but not much has been taken. This makes her take stock of her computer files, noticing that her e-mail traps are not bringing anything back to her. She does, however have an e-mail from Nadene Karmel asking her to call. (Check listing for info on Nadene) After some time, though, Victoria does give Nadene a call to see what is on her mind. Nadene just asks for Victoria to meet her tomorrow at an art museum that is protected. Victoria finds little fault in this plan and makes the arrangements. After this, she makes a call to Hugh.

Christian heads to the “Orange Ranger” to see if he can get anything from there, stops at the bar to talk with Jacob, the bartender, to locate were Andrea is. Jacob questions why Christian has not been around the place, to make some chatter and gives him the nod to head into the back room to go see Andrea. Arriving at the office, he waits a moment before he gets notice, as she was deep in paperwork. He gets right to the point and asks her about Vern to see if she has herd anything. She mentions that Vern is not one to frequent this type of place and he tends to be holier then that. Christian then heads out to one of the other bars that he had been a frequent customer. At (Random bar 1) “Open Traps” he runs into Missie, the head bartender and night manager and asks her about Vern to see if she had been hearing anything about him. She didn’t have anything at this time, but said she would keep her ears open for anything interesting. With a little passing conversation he heads out for the next place on his route. At (Random bar 2) “Nibble” he found Vincent, the lead bouncer, and asks if he could keep an ear out for anything on Vern. Vincent tells him that there has been some talk about a car getting mangled that was tied to some Vern guy. Christian chats with him and little and heads out to the next place. At (Random bar 3) “Random Acts” he was looking for someone mortal that he knows, but instead comes across Riley. Riley tells him that Vern’s Car got hit by some gang bangers. They killed two of his people and got the cops looking into why this happened so far out of “normal gang areas”. It has also gotten Vern investigating what is behind this new assault on him. This gave Christian something to think about and Riley something else to get to just giving Christian a heads up. A short time after Christian finds a place to take care of his hunger, he gets a call from Hugh, who invites him over to play with some “new toys”.

Hugh heads over a few blocks and finds one of his friends that he has had some less then legal dealings with. Hugh gets to the “office”, a back bedroom in a less then nice apartment complex, and talks with Samuel about these things he has been hearing, out on the street about this guy Vern that keeps mouthing off about how he is going to clean up around here and send Samuel and his friends packing. This makes Samuel less than happy to hear, but thankful for the heads up. Hugh tries to play it off as nothing too big and that Samuel can pay him later, but Samuel will have nothing to do with that and wants to pay right away. Samuel doesn’t like owing debts. He heads to the back room and grabs a few things, a .50 cal, a modified AK, and a pair of Beretta P92s that have been turned into full auto handguns and have 30 round mags. (Don’t need to say anything about that.) Hugh, looking at them decides on those Berettas, and gives Samuel his thanks. Hugh, having his new toys, heads straight to “Shit Hole” to test his new toys. After playing for a while, he gives Christian a call to see if he possibly wants to come and play also. Christian makes his way over and gets to test the new hardware. After Christian gets a few tries, Hugh gets a call from Victoria and invites her down, also. Victoria arrives and takes her turn with the new toys. The night was getting ready to creep into daylight, so everyone decides to head home.

Paul, hanging for awhile in the “study” before being let down by one of the servants, decides that it is time to find something to play with. This provides him with a distraction for a while. After cleaning up, he gives his PI, Adam Holt, a call and leaves a message to have him look into that warehouse fire from a few nights ago. Hanging up from his call to Adam, Paul was still felling restless and decides to head out to his normal haunt “Altered Currents”. He arrives there a short time after Gracey had gotten there. Feeling the presence of another vampire, he looks around, but does not find a face to go with the feeling. Paul, being himself, just looks for a great-looking piece of flesh, heads out onto the dance floor and starts dancing with whatever looked the best. Gracey, having noticed Paul when he came in, makes her way over to him, scaring away the person he started to dance with. They chat about a few things before Gracey wants to take a table so they can talk better. They make their way off the floor and to a table and sit for a short time before Gracey starts to talk about how they should continue to explore their relationship. Paul manages to be polite for a short time before getting bored with it. The day was coming soon so it gave him an easy way to get out of the chat without hurting Gracey’s feelings too much.

Well, they make it back to their havens and we start the next night…

Help Hugh

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A few nights ago [see PrefaceHugh], Hugh awakened in his room to find his Sire, Stacy there, rambling on about how things didn’t turn out the way they were supposed to and things would be different “if only Jacob were stronger”. She indicated that Vern needed to be taken out of power and pleeded hugh to help her, saying, “you have to do something”. So, Hugh decided he would do, well… Something.
Hugh has been given a task, in his eyes, by his Sire and he needs your help to accomplish this. Actually, I need your help. Hugh is capable of much more than my feeble, mortal mind can imagine, and, therein, lies the dilema. Hugh has taken it upon himself to destroy the prince by any means necessary. I am having trouble creating the means. Therefore, I implore you for any ideas you might have for him to accomplish this task. Please note that Hugh is not suicidal, at least not yet (I am having fun playing this character and am not yet ready to create another:)
Thank you

NPC mortal affairs

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Just a reminder to the storyteller that I would like more info on the mortal affairs of the NPC’s. I would like to know what profession Jacob and Vern are in and the like. I think it would be helpful to have a “family tree” or “chain of command” listing for them, and maybe an outline on them. Hugh is interested in causing more mischief and needs more room to operate. He’s not quite strong enough to attack Vern directly, so he must explore other avenues to attack him indirectly; at the heart of his business, (do I dare say) “loved”ones, financially, or at the bottom of the rope of affiliates and work his way up.
If Hugh would not know this information, I need help in finding ways to gather it.


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This is a working document and I hold right to change most anything on. It may give you some information that you don’t alreadly have that you may think is useful.

Night Ten Preface Hugh

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You awake to find your sire in your place. After she notices that you are awake she just starts to ramble about how this is all Jacob’s fault, if he would have been stronger, more watchful, stopped Vern when he had the chance, not let that happen to Joan and now to Thomas, should have stopped it, should have been able to do something, will you help her do something, I need your kind of help right now. None of it make much sense, but she has been a good sire, so there is no reason not to.

Night Ten Preface Gracey

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You awake to find yourself and Sarah in a small room that doesn’t look at all familiar to either of you. The walls appear to be steel as is the door. A small camera in the corner and a speaker on the ceiling seem to be the only other things in the room. You hear a voice come over the speaker, “Now that you are both awake maybe one of you can tell me how you managed to have some of my files in your procession.”

Night Ten Preface James

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You find yourself waking on the couch in Judy’s office. Judy is behind her desk peering at you as you awake. “So you have made some friends I see.” “Your gallivanting around this city has been interesting to watch.” “Do you even know what to do next, have you any clue what has been happening around you?” “With all of your resent travels have you stopped to notice that Vern is trying to push us all out of the city, or are your new friends just that much more important.”

Night Ten Preface Paul

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You awake in your study, but not in the position that you are used to being in. As the master of this domain you are not the one who should be chained to the wall. The one bad part of this is knowing that these chains can take anything you mite try to do to them. Dianna has out one of your more favorite toys, a ten foot long whip. As you hear the first crack in the air by you head you remember that she does know how to use it. “This past week you have been causing more trouble then normal.” “You have started to lead some other down a path that they should not take as they have at lest shown some respect to their sires.” “Are your just trying to have me removed from what I have worked so hard to get?” “Are you trying to corrupt even more to your ill-conceived movement?” “Or do I just need to convince you that the Invictus is were you belong.”

Night Ten Preface Christian

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You awake to find yourself not in your normal resting place, but in a storage room at one of Donald’s clubs just not sure which one. Donald is sitting on a chair in front of the door out. You feel the other two vampires that are just outside the door. The music from the club seems to be quite, so the walls in this room are almost certainly to thick to get through fast enough to get out of here. Donald asks, “What kind of plans do you have for your near future?” “Ever since that meeting last week you seem to be running away from same thing, or have you been trying to get to some thing.”

Night Ten Preface Victoria

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The next night you awake to find your sire has taken you from your normal resting place and locked you into a small room. You see that you are being watched from a far. You hear Robert’s voice come over a lousy speaker. “What is your goal?”, “What do you think you will find?”

Night Nine

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Night Nine

Ok this one coming more from my poor memory then the recording do to making an attempt to play some music with the same laptop and not having any luck with it. So I may make a few mistakes here, there and every were, please bare with me.

I give Hugh and Hannah the dreams that I had made up for them. The rest of them wake up normally and start their night. Victoria goes over the new e-mails, Paul has some delivery, Gracey starts to call and find out who is doing what. They all straighten out what the plan is and meet up at Victoria’s place. Once at Victoria’s place she start to tell them about the weird e-mail that Thomas got from Stacey and Hugh pipes up with the fact that it is his sire. They talk more about what there sire have been doing with them.
They fight over what they know and what they don’t know. They start to put the pieces together as to what is going on. There ended up being a small fight between Paul and Victoria and the between Paul and James, then James and Hugh get into it. While they were doing this Hannah actually made conversion about the dream with Gracey and then Victoria heard about it and started to ask questions. Not getting very far as James and Hugh continue to fight sort of. With a few failed dominate rolls later and some just plane talking. They get it more or less straight they head to the warehouse that Victoria, Hugh, and James were at the last night trying to get through the steel wall. Once there they find that it has been the site of a small explosion and fire. They do a quick look around and move on from the warehouse to the library that was in an e-mail that Thomas had gotten that Victoria was getting copies of. They continue to talk with each other about how this all doesn’t make much sense to them. (OOC a few of them complain about all of the road block I put up in front of them and how many story hooks are out there.) They do after talking over how likely it is that this will lead to any thing make it to the library and break in. Of course the first place Victoria goes is the computer system, she finds what books Thomas had order and they were older religious texts that Hannah informs them that this has been the subject of his research for some time. Enter Riley Corgan: as he enters the room they are all in, he has his fangs out and claws extended and is a sight to be seen. Victoria asks his name and it is given freely. (We make a short side trip to clear up that Thomas is dead and that he is Stacey’s sire making him Hugh’s Grand sire.) They have some more conversation about what has been happening in the past week, weather or not what they have been doing is in their best interest or that of their sires. They get some of what is happening on the larger scale in the city with Vern and Jacob. Though they haven’t done anything useful are harmful one way or the other yet they may want to choose sides in the battle to protect them selves later. Riley doesn’t show much of a care one way or the other, but he does tell them about Vern’s future plans of clean the city of the unworthy. This is the end of any productive play this night as they all talk a little about what they have learned and head for home.

I ended this night of play early so that we could have time to talk over were they want the game to go. They also told me about what information they feel they need in order to enjoy the game. I sense start this game have had a fear of what I call the “white limo” syndrome, lead the character by the nose, so much so that they feel the game had lost all direction. That the world was happening around them not that they were part of it, they need thing to affect them more directly. Hearing what they feel is need to get the game on track was a good thing I hope that in the next few nights it will start to pay off in their eyes. I am also trying to get more of the background information about the NPC to them so they is what is happening better.

Well we shall see what happens. I start night ten last week to prod them into doing something.

Starting Night Nine

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Starting Night Nine

Hannah awakes from a day of terrifying dreams of her blood boiling through skin, of having hot irons poked into her eye sockets, and of her flesh dripping off her bones. As the terror subsides she finds herself with the realization that her sire is gone.

Hugh had a bad night of dreams depicting him in Bob Finley’s house being burn t in the same fire that took him away. He could see the pain on Bob’s face that he had so hoped wasn’t there when he died in the fire. Waking up screaming out and unfamiliar name, Thomas, he knows that some thing has changed for him this day.

Stacy Nabb awakes fro her daily rest screaming her sire’s name, Thomas. Though they didn’t see each other often and when they did it rarely end in any thing but a fight. She still had that connection with him that is now missing. This makes her even more sure that this new prince needs to go as he seem unable to do the job he wanted so badly.

This was the planned way start the night and I did end up using it for the most part although I some changes to the wording was made.

Letter to the Prince

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To Your Holiness:

After the discovery that the sanctified holding cell had been found the only thing left to do was to take drastic measures. Though the tank was mostly empty setting it off made a big enough bang to level that part of the warehouse. The ensuing fire would make finding anything a challenge for the police. In this town that means little would be done about it. They just had to be careful not to let the fire get out of control. The poor sap that got caught in the blaze did not chance to get out, nor was he in any shape to. The damage done to the warehouse was minimal and was mostly in the office are, good thing all those records were backed up off site. The rebuilding cost will be small, but it is the price we pay for not making sure our sites are still secure for use. We still do not have any leads as to who found the site as there were very few who even know of its existence we should be able to narrow it down soon. As this step was taken in such haste we have not had time to make the normal arrangements with our day time friends though they will undoubtedly do the right thing as soon as they see the signals that we left for them. It is to bad that we learned so little from the traitor before this had to happen. We had hope to make an example of him and the next “Service”.

Your humble follower
Damon Wesman

Night Eight

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We start the night with our normal amount of bull shitting and quick snack that seems to last about a hour to a hour and a half. Which I don’t mind, but would I would like to see it cut down a bit if possible so that maybe we could get more then one night in during the night of play.

So like most gaming nights they all wake-up to start the night. Victoria checks the e-mail traps that she set up and got that information. She didn’t get too much new, just a few more piece of the puzzle that doesn’t yet make much sense to her. Gracey gives Paul a call and sets up going out for the night. They head back to the club that they went to the first night. While this conversion was going on Victoria give Christian a call about a few the e-mails that she read. She asked about Andrea Willson who sent an e-mail about a problem at her club, “Orange Ranger”. She also talks about an e-mail that Robert sent to Donald to have him kept on a tighter leash. Christian a little confuse at this told her that his sire does believe in computers so how would he get this e-mail. Paul and Gracey meet up at the club and start to talk about what is going on around them. Victoria after getting off the phone with Christian calls James and talks about how Thomas is most likely have some financial problems and asks him out to a club. Then Paul calls Christian to come to the club with him and Gracey. In the middle of that call Hugh calls to see if he wants to do something to night. Paul and Gracey talk at the club some and Gracey inquires about the wet bar. Paul takes her out to the limousine to take a drink. James and Victoria decided to go check out “Orange Ranger” and when they get there they have a bit of a surprise. (They have to make Taint check.) This made them perk up and take notice, James sees the vampire, to him a good looking girl and Victoria also see her and notices that she wasn’t what she appeared to be. They get a table and talk over some more of the details that they have colleted during the past night. Gracey and Paul head back into the club with Gracey loosened up from a few spiked glasses of blood. About this time Christian and Hugh show up. They found each other and talked shortly then Gracey after some convincing gets Paul to go onto the dance floor. These two make a quite a pair heading to the floor and get a number of looks. (Both have the Striking Looks merit.) (After a bit of OOC talk they all start to get back to the game.) I tell Victoria and James more about the Vampire that is in the club with them. Christian and Hugh talk some about what a pair Gracey and Paul make in the dance floor. The best comment made was, Christian saying “What a pair those two make,” with the reply from Hugh being, “Just like brother and sister”. (Read Hugh background you’ll see why that was so funning and right in character for him.) Gracey and Paul will end up talking the night away on the dance floor. (Hannah although the player what at the game there was little input from her.) After spending some time at the club talking, Victoria and James decide to check out one of the other addresses that they have. With a short cab ride to a difference warehouse they go in and have a look around. This is the one they had blueprints for although they did not bring them with they do notice that the office area is not as big as it should be. They start checking it out Victoria takes a crack at the computer system and finds the shipping and receiving logs, but not much else. After some searching the find the spot in the office that there should be a door but is not. They rip down the drywall and find a steel wall behind it. They give Hugh a call to see if he will come out and help get through the wall. Hugh asks Christian to see if he wants to go with, Christian in turn asks Paul if he wants to do this. Paul makes the observation that it getting close to sunrise this sets Christian off into not being included yesterday. Paul tells Hugh that he won’t be responsible for taking Hugh there and not being able to take him home. Hugh takes stock of all of the options and takes a cab to the warehouse. While this was taking place at the club Victoria finds a torch to try and cut though the wall. After a few checks to see if they can find a way of using it out they start to cut through the wall. This is a slow process for Victoria so when Hugh does get there she only has a four inch slot in the wall. Hugh takes stock of what they have as Victoria continues to cut through the wall. (With way too much OOC about that the effects of a small amount of C4 and the Adeline tank would do to the wall.) In the end they don’t try to blow out the wall but they do make a big enough hole to see through and see the body of a vampire in the room that seems to only have a sewer entrance. They couldn’t tell who it was and end up leaving it in shambles and going home. Thus we ended the gaming night with Paul dropping off everyone he had with him and the rest making it home on their own safely.

With little chatter we all head home for the night with yet another night gone. Well hopefully I can get more up soon.