Help Hugh

A few nights ago [see PrefaceHugh], Hugh awakened in his room to find his Sire, Stacy there, rambling on about how things didn’t turn out the way they were supposed to and things would be different “if only Jacob were stronger”. She indicated that Vern needed to be taken out of power and pleeded hugh to help her, saying, “you have to do something”. So, Hugh decided he would do, well… Something.
Hugh has been given a task, in his eyes, by his Sire and he needs your help to accomplish this. Actually, I need your help. Hugh is capable of much more than my feeble, mortal mind can imagine, and, therein, lies the dilema. Hugh has taken it upon himself to destroy the prince by any means necessary. I am having trouble creating the means. Therefore, I implore you for any ideas you might have for him to accomplish this task. Please note that Hugh is not suicidal, at least not yet (I am having fun playing this character and am not yet ready to create another:)
Thank you

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