Tonight is game night

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Well, tonight we get together to play, again. I hope to give out what experience points are remaining so that everyone is on the some page, as far as that goes. I also, will have Wednesday off to work on typing up what we get done tonight, so hopefully , the update won’t take till the last minute, this time.

Night Sixteen

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Though we start this night on the some night we played through nights 14 and 15, we end it the next week missing 3 of the players, Gracey, James, and Hannah. It was also a short night do to life being in the way yet again.

Most of the group wakes out at Paul’s sire’s place where they had been give room to stay at. Gracey wakes at home and goes on to here computer to see if any news had come from her old cheerleading friends. Back at Paul’s they make ready to go back to the “Shit Hole” to pick up the last of Hugh’s stuff. They get out on the road and pull up in front of the “Shit Hole”, right when Gracey calls to find out what is going on. Paul tells her of the plan and asks her to start over. They get out of the SUVs and get to the door of the “Shit Hole” only to feel a vampire with in the place. With little talk they barge into the place to find themselves faced with out ten mortals who don’t seem to be in control of their actions and one vampire way in the back in front of the hall leading to the door down stairs to the range.

This becomes a mess fast as the mindless horde attacks them. Now I am torn here as to go into details about the fight or stick to highlights. As I don’t what to do a blow by blow I will try to balance between the two. As it is from my memory thing may not have happen exactly this way though I am hope for close. The fight starts with the mortals getting, up close and personal, as the Vampire takes a seat where he was. In the round of the fight not much happens though Victoria and Christian try to dominate a few into not coming at them, and fail. Paul takes up the slack and gets a knife from Hugh as he hands off one of his two handguns to Victoria and Hannah steps out to pull off a table leg. James takes a step back as not to get his hands dirty. The mortals begin with a few weak blows to Victoria and Paul. Paul lashes out at the mortal the hit him causing some bleeding though not enough to stop the mortal. Hannah takes a swing with the table leg hit one with little effect. Christian goes for a table lag of his own as Victoria tries her hand with the handgun finding out that she would have been better out hitting some with it shooting it. Paul continues his assault on the mortals through out the fight doing some messing things to them. (I did call a few frenzy rolls during the fight, but they seem to have had no trouble pass those, on the other hand they couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn for the in fight rolls.) Hugh unlashes a valley from his handgun at the vampire, to little effectiveness. Victoria see that the handgun does her no good gives it back to Hugh and gets a table leg herself and starts to bash on the humans with that. The fight continues like this with the player taking some blood from the mortal they were fighting as they need it to heal the damage. Paul and that knife being the most effective in the battle with the mortals. During the fight Victoria tells Hugh to take out the lights as she spotted the breaker box and hoped that they could gain some advantage in the dark. They did, but it did seem to help much.

About that time is when the first night of play ended and we went home for the week the next week we pick back up in the fight.

With the lights out Hugh takes a few more shots at the vampire never getting too much of a piece of him. As the fight continued they had made their way through most of the humans, with Paul losing a few Humanity points. At last all the humans were unconscious and they could all go after the Vampire. Hugh let loose his last few bullets hurting the Vampire and slowing it down just enough for Paul to use that knife to its full potential and kill the Vampire off with out ever saying a word to him. They clean a path in front of the door and make their trip downstairs to get what they come for. As they leave they see that they need to cover the mess up some what and use some of the supplies from downstairs to soak the place. As Hugh leaves he pitches an incendiary grenade into the place and it starts to burn as they drive away.

We end the night with them getting back to Paul’s, giving Gracey a call to have her go there instead of the bar, and cleaning up from the nights activities.

I see the need for a humanity roll for a few of them at the start of next week I also need to give out experience points for many nights to the ones that missed this week, and also finish up experience with the one that did all of this so that I am caught back up with all of them. Well this has been a fun day of typing hopefully I will get a recording of next weeks events so that I have a more accurate log of the events to type from. Till next time…

Night Fifteen

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This happens on the same night of play as night fourteen, I have been trying to move thing a little faster, so we get more done each night with limited success. Will now we move into night fifteen.

James awakes to find that last nights confusion has continued into to night and that nothing seems to be moving forward. Looking for Judy, he finds her in a group in heavy debate about what should be done next. See that at best the debate is going in a circle he starts to look for other faces in the crowd.

Hugh awakes and takes stock of his surroundings and finds that Stacey has slipped out at some point and is no where to be found. This troubles him some; as he is not sure she is safe or ready for what mite happen. About the time he finishes his rounds, he runs across James and they start to make some plans. Hugh is worried about his “collection” at the “Shit Hole”. After talking with James awhile Hugh gives a call to Paul.

Again at the Invictus club the group finds itself and start to look forward. Christian is summoned over to a table where his sire sits. Donald has some advice for Christian and also wants to know, what it anything Christian mite have herd in the past few days, as Donald knows Christian has been poking around. Christian relays what information he has and some of it was news to Donald, but not much. Donald admonitions Christian about who he associates with as these are dangerous time right now. This gives Christian food for though as he leaves the table as a group has arrived to talk with Donald.

Gracey not knowing real why she stay last night feels it is time to leave and head out the door calling a cab to get a ride home. She gets outside and starts to wait for the cab, when a short time later Paul comes out to talk with her and gets her to come back in after waving off the cab.

Victoria takes a seat with Nadene to see if there is anything Nadene and tell her about these pass few nights. Though Nadene does not say much about it she does sound concerned that this is happen now and not latter. This give Victoria the feeling that plans may already be in the works for taking care of things. Victoria then wonders off to a table with Hannah to see if any other news has come up. As Victoria takes a seat Christian also sits and they start talking about what is going on. About this time Paul and Gracey sit at table close by and they all start to talk. A short time later Paul gets a call from Hugh to see what is going on with him and to see if he has news of the others. As they talk plans are formed to go and pick up Hugh’s stuff from the “Shit Hole”. Paul checks with Dianna to see if it would be safe to use the limousine right now, it was. Hugh make one more check for Stacey while waiting for Paul and the other to arrive with the limousine, not finding her he give her a call and leaves a message.

Some time later they have all made it to Paul’s sires place and have talked about what to do tonight. They all decide that getting the stuff from the “Shit Hole” may come in handy with what is going on. Paul has them get into a couple of SUVs and head on of to the “Shit Hole”. As they all arrive they notice that the normal crowd is at the place and start the loading process. This takes quite a long time as there is much to move and most of it is heavy. They get what can fit into the SUVs and head back to Paul’s sire’s to unload it all. This takes time, also, and they feel that there is not enough time to get the rest tonight, and make plans to pick it up the next night. As Paul has space most of them stay the night, though Gracey feels that it is time to head home, with a quick ride from Paul she makes it home and rests the day away waiting for the others to call the next night.

This end the next night that we played that same night of gaming and we do start in on a third night and that is come out next…

Night Fourteen

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After a long delay, I will try to put something out for night fourteen, as the recording was a bunch of dead air, so this, again, comes from my poor memory.

After their escapes from the court last night, Christian, Paul, Victoria, Gracey, and Hannah are all held up in the club that their sires took them to. When they arise, they find that many have woken up before them and have started to talk about what happened. These events seem to have galvanized them against the new prince, as his actions are that of someone who has gone mad with power. Though the conversions are muffled, the general fell of them is that “we waited to long”. The players start to look around for someone familiar to talk with.

Christian finds his sire, but at this point is unable to talk with him, as he is busy with a group of others. Paul is waved over by his sire and is sat down to have what is happening explained to him.

Dianna goes into the ever-so-evident fact, that being in the Carthian movement is not a safe place for him any more, that she has let him goof off long enough and it is time for him to grow up and come with her in to the Invictus. This is not a time for him to try and push away from the reasonability of what he is or play on his bad habits. Paul takes this in, but doesn’t have much to stay about it. Dianna leaves him to his own devices to talk with others in the Invictus. Paul looks around for some time before finding the group at a table off to the side of the club.

Victoria sees the fact that many of the Invictus are here and hears what is going on. She starts to seek out any information she can. She looks for a week link that may give up some information to her and finds Gracey. Victoria approaches Gracey to see if, by chance, she has found anything out. Gracey, being in the dark just as much as Victoria is, doesn’t give her much, but does offer to talk with her sire, to see if Sarah has anything, though Gracey doubts it, as Sarah has not seemed to ever know as much as Gracey already does. After Gracey leaves, Victoria sees that Hannah is sitting with Nadene Karmel. Before getting over to the table, Nadene leaves and joins a group out on the floor talking over what has transpired. Victoria takes a seat at the table and starts to ask about what is going on and if Hannah has any clue. Hannah, being the “less then talkative” person she has always been, doesn’t say much to Victoria other than she doesn’t know anything.

Gracey, after talking with Victoria, seeks out her sire. Finding Sarah, she starts to ask questions. The first thing on Gracey’s mind, is to see if she can leave the club and go back to her haven. Sarah tells her that though she may leave, it would not be the wisest decision, as this is a safe place to stay, and they don’t know how far this has gone, yet. Sarah goes on to explain that this is a safe place to be for them to stay, as things are still uncertain outside these walls. Though Gracey takes the information, she is still not sure about staying. After this talk, she looks around and finds Victoria, Hannah, and Christian sitting at a table off to the side.

Gracey finds her way over to the table about the same time as Paul. They all sit and talk over what they know and what they can do. Christian, all this time, is keeping on eye out to see if his sire is free to talk. Gracey, during most of the conversation, is talking about going to her haven. Victoria and Christian both try to simply talk her out of it, but she insists on wanting to go. They don’t want her to leave, for her safety, the safety of this place, and other reasons, so they take other actions to keep her at the club. As it was getting close to dawn, they find a place to sleep for the night and all stay here.

Hugh and James find themselves at a warehouse on the docks. After overhearing the ranting in the place, they feel it is a safe place to be. Though they don’t talk with much of anyone, the place is full of people throwing ideas on what to do about Vern. Is this the time to take the city? Is time just to leave, or is it time join with the Invictus and hope for a better outcome? As no one is taking charge, they spent most of the night like this. James was able to talk with Judy for a short time, but was unable to get much from it. Hugh finds Stacey to check and see that she is alright. Athough shaken, she is in good shape and just asks him not to do something uncalled for. This is most everything that happened there during that first night. They all find places to hide there for the night.

That’s one of the three nights done. As you can tell, I did spent much more time with the Invictus side of the group, this is one of the hazards of having a larger group. If you split them up you can’t always give equal time to the haves. I didn’t like doing this, but moving the story along made it necessary. Will this was just the first part of that night of game play on to the next.

Upgrade to 1.5.1

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I just made the change to 1.5.1 there are a few glitchs thatI need to fix in the theme, but the site seems to work…

Nights 14, 15, and 16 not done yet

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I haven’t gotten to them yet do to life getting in the way… I don’t forsee them coming out before next weekend….

Nights 14, 15, and 16

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I am going to stat work on these tonight so something of them should be up by sunday.

Elysium Damage

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Though the bomb was not in the best place to do the damage that was desired, it did have a sizable impact on the place. This is not to exclude what happened to some of the patrons and employees. Although this was not one of the largest saloons that the Invictus keeps, it was one that many of them enjoyed. Much of the inside of the place had been redone to look the part of a 1920’s speakeasy. This gave many of the patrons a feeling of escape. There were a few larger meeting rooms set aside to conduct business in. Also, there had been many deals that changed unlife for many within the limits of New York. The explosion took out one of the supporting inner walls. Thus, leaving four of the upper rooms without support and sending them crashing into the rooms on the main floor below. The part that made this even more disastrous, was the proximity to dawn when it happened, giving little time for many of the trapped to return to the safety of their havens. The full aftermath of this attack has not yet been realized, but what is for sure is at lest eleven servants and two vampires are gone.