Night Seventeen preview

Posted in Story Stuff on June 7th, 2005 by enwewn

(At this point in time Hugh and I were off role-playing out him talking with his sire, so they got off on a tangent that included, more the one, animal impressions. That had nothing to do with nature and everything to do with, my players have, sick and twisted minds, and views of the Hugh character. They also joke about the recording and how I get to laugh at it went I play it back and here it. They crack a few jokes about the fact that they get more done without me in the room then they do with me there. Sometimes I wonder if that isn’t true. After about five minutes of this we get back to the room with the normal amount of heckling. This is why having the night recorded is so much fun. Damn people and wanting dates, October 26th.)

(They go off on a tangent about this for about five minutes. Then I call a taint check for when Riley enters and starts towards the table. One of the players fails this check as she rarely engages in anything other then combat while we play I had hoped that this would provoke reaction, it did not.)

Just a little OOC to keep things going as it doesn’t look good for getting it out before game time tonight.

End of Night 16

Posted in Story Stuff on June 2nd, 2005 by enwewn

Well we started the next week with the end of night 16. I didn’t have them do the humanity rolls, but we did make some progress. With the normal amount of banter we start off at Paul’s sire’s place shortly after most of them get done cleaning up. As they sit in the living room discussing their next step, Hugh wants to go to his haven and pick-up the rest of his things. The other not yet being sure if that is a good idea or not after what just transpired at the bar. Victoria, Christian, James, and Hannah continue to talk as Gracey finally catches up with the group, and Paul gets back from cleaning up, finding a few swords picking up one of them remembering back to the bar. Paul eyeing Gracey works on catching up on the conversation. They do decide that it is worth the risks to get the last of the gear, but before they go this time they raid the stock pile they already have. Christian spotted the sword Paul carried into the living room and asks to see if there mite be more of those floating around. Paul takes him off to see the other few in the house. The rest head for Hugh’s stuff, Gracey asks for a butterfly knife, the rest thinking better of it steer her toward a four inch folding knife. Hugh picks out two SMGs and over the shoulder the holsters. Victoria also picks something out and the head for Hugh’s haven. (Hannah’s player was to busy sleeping to pick anything out at this point even after many prompts from me and others.) They head out in the SUVs to find what s ahead. They arrive shortly there after and head on up to the haven. Nothing seems out of place so they just go in and start to carry out all the things Hugh points to. They take this load back to Paul’s sire’s place and pack it away. This of course leaves them with just enough time to return to their havens for the day. Hugh head out to the warehouse were his sire is back at talking over problems. Gracey makes move and stays with Paul.

After this we head right into the next night.