The New DnD game

Posted in Albert Lea Game on June 21st, 2017 by enwewn

So we made it happen we have a new game going. I am currently the host of it, which is just fine as then I don’t have to travel. We have currently 5 in person players and one over skype. We have manage 3 sessions at this point. Each one with a slightly different set of people. We added a second person to Skype but they did not work out. Also one of the in person players could not make it once due to a family trip. And a the last one we added a new in person player. There is talk about a different second skype player, so we will see where that goes. I just got done fixing a issue with the cameras we are using so that the skype player has a good view of the people. I am also audio recording the game to work with that into a pod cast maybe. That is a bit of a wait and see thing still.

Have a bit of a gap until the next game due to schedules and holidays. But there is a plan.