Duluth D & D v3.5 Update

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Update Duluth – D & D

Setting: Forgotten Realms

Shadows of Evil

Cast of Characters:

Zookwink Thunderfoot – Male Gnome Ranger

Shadow — Wolf Zook’s companion

Rurik — Male Dwarf Fighter

Thia “Coppertop” — Female Half-Orc Fighter

Acordia — Female Drow Paladin of Elistree

Bellemin “Squishy” –Male Elf Wizard

Lolita –Female Halfling Rogue

Elrich “Dancing Boy” – Male Human Rogue/Cleric of Odin

Shemp — Male Human Cleric

Konga — Male Ogre Special ship fighting gnome

Damen — Male Human Warlock

Marven Urthdar — Female Human Cleric of Torm

Longshot — Male Human Fighter

We open in the courtyard of the Keep of Darvis Pass with Zookwink, Thia, Acordia, Bellimin, Lolita & Elrich. They have been hired to discover what the problem is at the Abby. No one from the Abby has been heard from in a couple of months, and to find out what has happened to the previous patrols sent to the Abby.

Zook inquires with the local rangers guild about safe sites between the Keep and the Abby. He gets a map from them as to where the safe camps are located. He is also warned about the increase in ambushes between the Keep and the Abby. A couple of ambush sites are notated on the map.

The party decides to disguise themselves as a caravan so as to draw out an ambush. We set off with 8 mules and 4 horses and we left after dark. We got to the first ranger safe haven, which is also close to one of the ambush sites. We set up camp and settled in for the night. Watches were set, during first watch Shadow came back carrying a dead kobold. Zook got the location from Shadow of where the kobold was found. (Only good kobold=dead kobold).

Zook and Bellemin climbed up into trees to watch the camp and area. Acordia, Thia, Lolita & Elrich proceed to follow the trail in search of more kobolds. They soon found them eighteen to be exact. Acordia & Thia chased them tirelessly for quite some time. Lolita, “Squishy” & Zook took a few of them out with ranged attacks but the bulk of them were annilated by Thia & Elrich. Acordia meanwhile went on an epic foot race with three kobolds. That eventually she won since the kobolds dropped from exhaustion. Which made “coup de grace” much easier. Two of the kobolds were taken prisoner and questioned. All of the bodies were searched and various kobold type crap was found by all of the party. But of special note, Bellemin found a necklace on one of the bodies, reddish golden circle and the shape of a snake wreathed in a circle. Bellemin put said necklace on and it burned him badly. He took it off and Thia put it on instead, it just chafed Thia. Acordia cast “detect evil” and Thia started glowing due to the necklace. Zook attempted to question the captives, but they wouldn’t talk. Zook climbed up a tree and proceeded to observe and drink. Thia took over the questioning, the kobolds revealed they were working out of a cave nearby, and they should really ask the “dark one” and pointed at Acordia as to what their mission is supposed to be. Through further questioning, the party determined that the monsters inhabiting the cave were responsible for the ambushes. The kobolds also revealed that their priest was receiving orders from the drow at the abby. Thia pressed them to reveal the identities of the other occupants of the cave. The kobolds told of a “hunter” that rode in a chariot behind a horde of hunting dogs that destroyed most of the rest of the kobolds and orcs from the cave. Thia commanded them to bring the others from the cave. They brought back a couple of orcs that got quickly dispatched. Zook and Shadow led the group to the cave where the party camped out.

The next day they entered the cave. The group entered with caution; following the narrow entrance. Lolita found and disabled a trap. When the party entered a larger chamber, they confronted a pair of tables that had been laid across the room. Acordia saw what she thought was movement from behind the tables. Shadow was the first to engage the 4 Gnolls that were hiding. Acordia, Zook, and Thia accounted for three of them, while Shadow finished the other. During this combat, Elrich made a wonderful charge at one of the Gnolls which was successful in that he slid right past the gnoll without touching it. Fortunately for Elrich, Thia threw her greataxe at the same gnoll, killing it. Unfortunately, for Elrich, Thia threw it so well that the axe went through the gnoll, bounced off the floor, and hit him in the leg. After combat was over, Acordia went over towards shadow who had taken a nasty wound. Acordia, did not make it to the wolf, but fell through the floor into the pit underneath.

To Be Continued……….

GM — Duluth