ADnD Updates

Posted in ADnD on June 24th, 2006 by enwewn

I just caught back up with the raw logs for ADnD tonight. All the game nights we have played now have a raw log up. I also did updates for the index and the list pages so they are easy to find.

Night Twenty Two

Posted in Albert Lea Game, Story Stuff on June 15th, 2006 by enwewn

This night start with Paul having a package waiting for him when he wakes. Within this package is more information about Lt. McNaily. Mostly showing that he is spending more time then he used to at “Open Traps”, and talking to people he had not been seen with before. Paul sends out a request for more information on who McNaily has been talking with, and a small payment. The rest of the information doesn’t interest him right now, so he goes into the living room to plan what the group is going to do tonight. They talk over how most of the places they have been with kindred activity have had sewer access. While they mull this over, Paul calls in some food for himself and the others. They eat and then head out in the SUV’s without Luis, but with a large amount of equipment from Hugh’s things. (Oh the OOC conversation they had.) They arrive and park a block or so away and climb down into the sewer. Paul leads them through the sewer to the building that they had stopped in the night before, so they guess by the feeling they get. (Taint check) They find the access into the building; Paul goes up the ladder and checks the room from the hatch Paul seeing the room is empty motions to the group to follow him. As Paul leaves the hatch, he hears a clang off the hatch, and turns to see that he was attacked by someone with a baseball bat. Paul, in a dejected manner, says, “A baseball bat, you swung a baseball bat at me.” Paul pulls his knife out and puts his hand on his sword as soon as he is in the room. The goon in the room swings at Paul again hitting him with little effect. Christian enters the room and hacks at the goon doing a little damage. Victoria enters and moves off to see if she can get through the door that leads out, but it must have been stronger then it looked and she didn’t get through. Paul takes his shot and does a good amount of damage. Hugh pops up from the sewer and with his knife and turns the goon to ash. After it happens Victoria asks, ‘I thought you wanted information for him?” Hugh response, “I’ll get it from the next one.” With the goon out of the way, Victoria checks the door to find it unlocked.

The group enters a large room with a conference table sitting towards the far side with about twenty kindred that stand as they enter. Victoria see that one of them is Zetta, as does Paul, who smarts off with, “Zetta, you are one hard bitch to find, let’s go we have a ride waiting for you.” Each one takes the command to sit, they all do right were the stood. With them sitting here so nicely one of the kindred, from the table, walks over and starts to lecture them about have much trouble they have been. Vern continues on how becoming part of the LS would better them. How ridding the city of kindred like Hugh would make it such a better place. Christian comments on how they have all been taught that Vern is the danger. For this one of the others drives a knife into Christian’s shoulder. This leaves Christian to yell out in the pain. The other kindred, after sum more of Vern’s lecture, have stepped back, as they see this group of kindred are not going to be convinced. Vern ends his speech with a quick movement.

The group becomes aware of large pieces of steel swinging in around them. Hugh is quick enough to roll out of the way back in to the sewer entrance room. This leaves Christian, Victoria, and Paul locked in this steel box. Victoria checks the walls to find them thick enough that they are not going to be easy to get through. Christian finds that the walls are still there own pieces and checks with the others to see if there is something that they can have to wedge under them and open them back up enough to get out of there. After checking over what they have nothing stands out as something that would work. Hugh after a short time of regaining his composure, Hugh moves over to the wall blocking the doorway to the sewer access to listen in on how they are doing. Paul starts to check the ceiling with is sword to see if that could be a way out. After hearing the clang a few times, Victoria informs Paul that the ceiling is most likely thicker then the walls. Hugh finding that they can not hear him right now, Hugh starts to look around for a way to get them out of the box or back into the other room. Hugh checks the sewer for a way close by to get into a different part of the building finding none. Victoria, Paul, and Christian try pushing on one of the swinging walls, just making it move a small amount. See light come in on the first try they all try some more and then give up see that the gap does not get any larger on each try. Hugh looking around the other room sees one of the walls is made of drywall while the others are made of red brick and cinder blocks. Paul starts to listen some more hears that Hugh is still around and starts to talk with him. Paul tells Hugh to go get some thing to cut them out of the steal box. Hugh asks if he should tell Riley that they are here. After a few remarks about how sure just go and tell him we got caught. Paul tells him to get a hold of Riley to tell him that they found Vern and that they need to get cut out. Then Hugh tells Paul to stay right there. Paul yells at Hugh “Where am I going to go.” Hugh tells him he will be back. Hugh climbs back out of the sewer and gets into one of the trucks, before realizing that he does not have a way to get a hold of Riley. Hugh then thinks to go back to where they exchanged bodies the last time to see if he can find Riley.

After Hugh has gone Victoria starts to think about using the cellphones as wedges, Paul shoots down that idea fast. Paul walks over to the other wall of the cage and starts to listen to see if the others are still talking at the table. Paul over hears them talking about how big of a pain that group has been to them. After hearing a little of this Paul starts to look the cage over some more, and does not find any good news.

Not finding Riley at the hand off point Hugh then goes to check a few of the bars that Christian’s sire owns to see if Riley might just be at one of them. At the second on of this bars Hugh finds Riley. Hugh walks up to him and asks, is that you, Riley. Riley be cough off guard by Hugh, who had his obfuscate active, turns and swings catching Hugh and doing a bit of damage. Riley tells Hugh not to do that. Hugh starts to studder, so Riley not liking to waste time asked Hugh what he needs. Hugh stumbles on a few more words before telling riley that they found him. (Referring to Vern) Riley tells Hugh that he normally gets a phone call for this type of thing. Hugh then asks for his phone number. Riley tells Hugh that it is not something he gives out freely. Riley then asks about what happened, what do you need, and what is going on. Hugh then asked it Riley remembers Paul, Victoria, and Christian, then tells Riley that he could sure use a way to get though some metal. Riley asks again what is going on. Hugh asks if they should talk here or some where else. Riley makes the comment of it that bad. Riley then guides Hugh though a back room to an office. After asking the guy in the office to leave, Riley shoves a chair at Hugh and has him sit down. Then asks one more time what is going on. Hugh explains that they went looking for Zetta. Riley asked who sent them looking for her, Hugh responds that no one did that they were just looking to bring Riley a present. Riley states that he has gotten quite a few presents from them recently. Hugh continues to explain that they follow some leads to the place and went in and found Vern. Riley states that this would normally be good news, but. Hugh starts to say that normally he has a bit of an entourage. Riley corrects Hugh by tell him he is normally part of the entourage. Riley again with some inpatients asks what is going on. Hugh starts to ramble about the walls falling, steal cage, and them getting stuck. Riley asks about Victoria and Christian, and Hugh tells him they are in the cage with Paul and each other. Riley asks where the steal cage is. Hugh starts to ramble about going though the sewers and the different turns and finally gives him the address. Riley asks what lead them there, Hugh responds Victoria. Riley then tells Hugh to go hide some where. Hugh tries to think of some place to hide. Hugh make his way back to the Carthian warehouse that he had been a few days ago.

As the night gives way to the sun those stuck in the steal cage feel sleep creep up on them and they all fall into the day time slumber.

One more night down not that many left at this point.