Night Ten Preface Paul

You awake in your study, but not in the position that you are used to being in. As the master of this domain you are not the one who should be chained to the wall. The one bad part of this is knowing that these chains can take anything you mite try to do to them. Dianna has out one of your more favorite toys, a ten foot long whip. As you hear the first crack in the air by you head you remember that she does know how to use it. “This past week you have been causing more trouble then normal.” “You have started to lead some other down a path that they should not take as they have at lest shown some respect to their sires.” “Are your just trying to have me removed from what I have worked so hard to get?” “Are you trying to corrupt even more to your ill-conceived movement?” “Or do I just need to convince you that the Invictus is were you belong.”

2 Responses to “Night Ten Preface Paul”

  1. Todd Pearson Says:

    Paul says “Invictus slime……”

  2. Todd Pearson Says:

    Paul says “Invictus slime!”

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