Letter to the Prince

To Your Holiness:

After the discovery that the sanctified holding cell had been found the only thing left to do was to take drastic measures. Though the tank was mostly empty setting it off made a big enough bang to level that part of the warehouse. The ensuing fire would make finding anything a challenge for the police. In this town that means little would be done about it. They just had to be careful not to let the fire get out of control. The poor sap that got caught in the blaze did not chance to get out, nor was he in any shape to. The damage done to the warehouse was minimal and was mostly in the office are, good thing all those records were backed up off site. The rebuilding cost will be small, but it is the price we pay for not making sure our sites are still secure for use. We still do not have any leads as to who found the site as there were very few who even know of its existence we should be able to narrow it down soon. As this step was taken in such haste we have not had time to make the normal arrangements with our day time friends though they will undoubtedly do the right thing as soon as they see the signals that we left for them. It is to bad that we learned so little from the traitor before this had to happen. We had hope to make an example of him and the next “Service”.

Your humble follower
Damon Wesman

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