New DnD game starting soon

Posted in Albert Lea Game, DnD 5e on January 24th, 2021 by enwewn

So we are trying to get people back together after the lost year break. With that we are starting a new game with new character and new setting. Hoping it all works out and the sickness stay away. Like going to be a once a month game again if we call all get together on that. We shall see how it goes.

We are just going to say 2020 didn’t happen

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With everything going on, you would think that I would get character backgrounds to use for the game even if we are not sure when that is going to happen, but still no real new backgrounds. We will see what 2021 brings.

Waiting on getting player character backgrounds

Posted in Albert Lea Game on June 23rd, 2019 by enwewn

Hoping to get them soon so we can start playing this game as well as our DnD game.

New Albert Lea Vampire game

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We have been playing Dnd now for over a year. The DM is feeling the burnout and now has asked someone to take over. So I have asked the players to make a character for a new Vampire game. Loeo rules with some V:tM mixed in. They are to make people in modern times that can be found in a large metro area of the US. First game day will be working with everyone on the move from human to vampire. Looking out to March – May for the start. I hope to have updates added to here from the game like I had done for the Rochester game.king to use Requim

I see I am bad at updates

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So we have been playing game on and off for over a year now. We mostly are playing the first game, though the cast of players keep changing and getting bigger. Its been fun to play, but I have started to get my GM itch and so I am looking at running a new game, but there is a person in line before me for that, so I will have to see what comes of that.

2nd Game

Posted in Albert Lea Game on September 5th, 2017 by enwewn

So we started a second game game with a bit smaller of a group so we could play a little more often. We have a number of games and are coming up on the new one in a few weeks due to the same old issue of scheduling. But its been fun.

Albert Lea 5e game

Posted in Albert Lea Game on July 21st, 2017 by enwewn

So we have started the new game and gotten 3 sessions in. 2 of which have been recorded. The third had a small tech glitch that made that not happen… aka not hitting the record button in the software…

Anyways the group is being tracked on Facebook, not my thing, so there will likely not be much here about it other then my thoughts from time to time.

The New DnD game

Posted in Albert Lea Game on June 21st, 2017 by enwewn

So we made it happen we have a new game going. I am currently the host of it, which is just fine as then I don’t have to travel. We have currently 5 in person players and one over skype. We have manage 3 sessions at this point. Each one with a slightly different set of people. We added a second person to Skype but they did not work out. Also one of the in person players could not make it once due to a family trip. And a the last one we added a new in person player. There is talk about a different second skype player, so we will see where that goes. I just got done fixing a issue with the cameras we are using so that the skype player has a good view of the people. I am also audio recording the game to work with that into a pod cast maybe. That is a bit of a wait and see thing still.

Have a bit of a gap until the next game due to schedules and holidays. But there is a plan.

Renewed Talk

Posted in Albert Lea Game on May 11th, 2017 by enwewn

So I have had some new conversations about getting a game going again. This would be a new game and likely happen about once every (2) months. Thinking it will be DnD 5th to start, though maybe do a V:tM game also. Not 100% sure at this time.

I made it before a year

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I have not been able to game at all this year as working on and around the house have taken most of my time. I have been following Critical Role and enjoying them play. It some what of a fix for the itch. I hope to finish the recording of the Rochester game, I think I have a few more nights. The night I am on currently the recording sucks so it takes a long time to get though as I have to stop often. After I am done with what we played I am thinking of continuing the story as a fiction project. Not sure on that as my overall writing skills are not that great. Well really they are crap, but I would like to think I can do something with the story as it is. I am also encouraged by have just recently gotten back in touch with my editor friend and maybe I can get a few of the nights that I have written checked out and put up.

Well enough of this back to work I guess.

A long time again

Posted in Other Stuff on December 19th, 2015 by enwewn

Well its been too long since I posted here as life had gotten in the way. I have been keeping up with Critical Role over on Geek and Sundry for my gaming fix. But soon with a little more work I might just be able to start having a game night once in a while at my place. Still too soon to know, but maybe soon.

Way too long

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So I really have not had any time to do gaming this year. Life is just getting in the way. Looked into the new onyx path stuff and it looks cool. We will see what life leads to the rest of the year.

Just a quick update

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I am just writing to say that there is no current activity of games, but it is never over.

We still are not playing

Posted in Other Stuff on April 7th, 2011 by enwewn

Work schedules, school schedules, and life just keep getting in the way. We did have another Watts night and it was fun to catch up like that even if I was half asleep after a long day. I stall am hoping to get something going, but its going to have to wait until everyones life settles out again.

Its been too long again

Posted in Other Stuff on January 27th, 2011 by enwewn

Yet another long time frame that I have not been able to get peoples together to play games. I don’t know when work schedules are going to start lining up agian, but I always hope it will happen soon.

New online game

Posted in Other Stuff on May 20th, 2010 by enwewn

Working on getting schedules together to do an on line vampire game. Those of you who know who you are, get me your schedules so I can get the dates worked out.


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I got the blog updated to the newer version and fixed all that got broke in the process. We also have a plan to start doing on-line gaming again as the schedules are getting better for that. So maybe just maybe I will get some real gaming in this year.

This has not been a gaming year

Posted in Other Stuff on November 25th, 2009 by enwewn

So yeah, I have not had much in the way of gaming come to this site all year. There has been some small hope of getting a game going at some point here soonish, but I don’t know how that is going. So until then I just keep on doing everything else.

We have played since this, kinda… I think…

Posted in Albert Lea Game on May 30th, 2009 by enwewn

Yeah, we had a few game night since this update, but with adding and then loosing a player they were not the most productive. I hope to keep playing, but we will have to see how it all works out.

Vampire A. Lea Update……

Posted in Other Stuff on January 24th, 2009 by Mary

Yep I am working on making the update more coherent. So please bear with me I have not forgot about you…….

Albert Lea Update ……

Posted in Other Stuff on January 17th, 2009 by Mary

Our setting is Grand old New Orleans, as if you weren’t expecting that…..hahah!!!
Our game opens during Mardi Gras….go figure again I know this was obvious. We are Pre-Katrina, year is 1987.
We open with our friends in Louis Armstrong Park, just west of Corpus Christie Church.
Our wise young fools have this Hunger that really no words can vividly enough describe. However, the idea that even their mostly favorite food is not even slightly appetizing.
In trying to figure out where they are they realize that they are not as alone they believed a few seconds ago. They are leery of each other and don’t really interact. Beacause coming their way from the direction of the French Quarter. They are college age, two males and two females all four of them are so obviously drunk as to be literally falling over each other. They are loud and obnoxious and boisterous to the extreme. But curiously what draws our new creations’ attention is not their overt behavior it is what they mean to each of them…..They know almost instictively that they can fulfill the Hunger they feel. As the partiers get closer they seem drawn to the body heat, the sound of heartbeats. Watching the jugular pound with the blood pumping through.
The first of our characters to react is Neveah. With speed that I believe even surprised her, she furiously attacked the male nearest to her position, slashing and stabbing at her victim while all the while her canines lengthened and she sank her fangs into his neck and felt the sheer pleasure of the blood trickling down her throat; all the while she is stabbing and slicing at her victim’s torso.“What a waste of perfectly good vitae!” Never mind I’m getting ahead of myself.

Our other unlikely hero, Noland went after the only male of partyers left. This was with such nonchalance that it was comical when compared to the other response. Noland was inspired by the emotional baggage he’s dragging around of his experiences with drunken people. Therefore, male victim number two really never did stand a chance. The male’s fate was sealed the moment he took his first drink of the evening. “If you believe in FATE that is!” In a flash Noland engaged his prey rather quickly and efficently draining the life right out of the male without spilling a drop of the precious vital fluid. At this point Noland a satiated his thrist and the Hunger receeds to the background of his mind. “Hehe, for now anyways!”

Tired will add more in the very near future……………

Update Done

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I just finished the update to the new version I also got the old theme back so enjoy.

Game play

Posted in Albert Lea Game, One Shot on January 6th, 2009 by enwewn

We got together and were able to play for a few hours and get the game rolling along. The GM was going to put up a few words about the game nights but I see that has not happened just yet. Anyways we have another few nights planed 16th and 17th of Jan so I am hopeful that we will get some more playing done.

Gaming the 28th and 29th maybe

Posted in One Shot on December 27th, 2008 by enwewn

Well the plan was made to be gaming those nights but that doesn’t always work. The plan is for a one shot game and as such I needed to make a charactor to play as some one else is GM (yes). So here he is.

Bank Teller
White Male 23 5’7″ 160#

Noland Sanders was brought up in New Orleans by his mother, Donna, from the time he was born. His father was killed going to his job at the gas station by a run away car. When he was younger due to having only his mom for income they moved around a lot and did not have very much. She tried her best to keep him in the same school though. It was having this stability in his life that let him even think of going to college. He did well in school and was able to get a few grants so that he could attend college without being a burden to his mother. At the end of his first year in college his mother was killed by a drunk driver while she was coming home from work. He never went back to school. He was able to get a job at a close by bank as a teller. This lets him walk to work as he fears cars after what they had done to his family even four years after his mom was killed. With this income he is able to keep his place up and even enjoy going out from time to time. He doesn’t have many friends as he was always trying to help his mom at home. He had met a few people in college, but with just a short time there he didn’t get to know many of his class mates. At the bank his is well liked and recently was asked to train as a loan officer, but is unsure of moving to a job that the guarantied income is less then what he gets now.

Game On

Posted in Albert Lea Game on October 30th, 2008 by enwewn

So, I have space to play, I have the willingness to ST, and a lot of books. So lets get a game on shall we. Looking for players. I will work around schedules if you commit to the game. It will be once a month and should last about a year, if I can keep the story that small. V:tR in Albert Lea. Drop me an e-mail or leave a comment, if you would like to be in it. Information on when you can play is needed to see if I can get dates that will work for everyone.

Albert Lea Game

Posted in Other Stuff on July 26th, 2008 by Mary

A game in Albert Lea would be awesome. A game in Richfield would be awesome too. The main basic issue with either of these is players……some would be nice. This is the roomless window story teller…..So many stories set up but no one to play them…..story of our lives especially lately!!!!

The gaming room almost there……yeah now we need players!!!!

Always the problem. At any rate just thought I should post better get some sleep as it is now 0545.

Updated version

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Ok so I updated the version of wordpress that I was using, again. The problem is I screwed up and deleted the template files for the site. That ok, as I have needed to go though them and update them for a long time, so over the next few days, weeks, months, years, you get the idea. I will be doing something different with the site. It works right now and that was the biggest worry for me. I am also working ever so slowly at getting the rest of the rochester game typed up and at lest on the blog. I will then kick the editor in the ass and get him to review night 20 and up so I can have a finished story.

Thanks for stopping by.



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again, I am going to get some more here i swear…

WordPress Updated

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So I couldn’t sleep. So now WordPress is up to date.

Ok so it has been a year…

Posted in Other Stuff on December 29th, 2007 by enwewn

And in this year life has gotten in the way a lot. We have been playing DnD online in openRPG still most weeks, and I have failed to get any of that up. So here we go. We added a few people, one player changed character, and we lost a few. Current playing line up is Tordain, Horis, Milltonbarry, Lilith, and Khalan with Dori sometimes. We crawled though some caves, got a bump forward and crawled though a dungeon fought a few tentacles, then a hoard of zombies and a necromancer. Now working our way back out we have ran into a wizard. Yeah that’s a years worth of play… Details would make it longer, but I don’t want to. We never got back together for a vampire game and I stopped working on the nights due to the editor not getting any editing done, but I still have the notes, so I will try and finish them out, I think it is only two or three more nights. The Albert Lea game died slowly mostly do to not getting more people, I suck with only two player, just not enough to feed off of. I bought a house a few month ago. I am working on finish the attic to give me space to game in, so once that is done I hope to make time and get peoples together to play. At the rate it is going that should be before 2009, but maybe not much. Really I hope for February of 2008, but I know how some things work out. Duluth games are all dead to my knowledge, so I will look those over. I am going to do some web page work and update a few things including Word Press. Well that is enough for now. I will type here in the not to distant future.