In the larger cities of the world there are many denizens of the night crowding the streets. What few are listed here are but simple examples...

Used with permission from Phillip Wright

We with in the Darkness Unvailed playgroup have started to play the new Vampire the Requiem from White Wolf. With this new game came a need for a new setting and new NPCs... I, as the storyteller for the game, have made an afford to get a short write-up on all of the NPCs up for my players and others to reference on-line, to better get the feel of what I have going on in my head. It also reminds me of what train of thought I was on when I thought of them in the first place. As we continue to play, I will add to the list and work on fleshing out ones that are already there. As I am not the most prolific writer or idea maker it will take some time. If you see a NPC that you would like to know more about drop a note on the blog, also if you see one that is on the working list, but not up give it your try to make their background.

In no order what so ever! To see the working list click here.

Vern Sanghani Joe Walter Jeff Orbook Jacob Collette Enos Ard
Derrick Coverstone Dawn Grigsby Dalia Preston Dalia Pestage Carman Oster
Bobbie Beaucomp Andrew Mills Amelia Mansel Thomas Huntly Stacey Nabb
Sarah Cassity Robert Bonnell Judy Lone Donald Riddell Marvin
Minth Luis Rolon
Water Randle David Cris
Lt. Richard Mcnaily Markus Manson Missie Larance Rannea Manson Vincent Mattews
Adam Holt Andrea Neilson Anngie Nadalie Jacob Winter Kelvin Lossing

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