Derrick Coverstone Gangrel LS

Derrick having had a long time to build up his defenses and control in Brooklyn there are very few kindred that will challenge him here. With this great amount of control has come the responsibility to keep it also, as others keep trying to pry this area a way from him. He has been able to make many "friends" with the ability to give gifts, such as feeding rights, small safe havens, and The Orphanage. The Orphanage was put in place to keep balance with in the city as many travel through and do not always clean up after themselves. As in many of the darker times within the city, the kine have also made many a kindred homeless with there indirect influence on the kindred. Though few of such incidents have ever been link to involvement by kindred there is always suspicions running around, with Derrick pointed to in most cases. With in the walls of the Orphanage there are many Kindred and kine alike. The kine know of the kindred presence and a few kine owe them their lives, but many owe them their soles. Derrick preaches nightly to all that stay with in the walls, though not all listen as much as he would like. He is content with his domain and all of the responsibilities that it in tails.