During Game Chat

(17) CondorDM (enter): 00:19
whispering to CondorDM, hello you can watch
(17) CondorDM (whispering): i,ll asume ur horis i was goin to ask but wasnt sure who to ask
whispering to CondorDM, yes I am the sever, also I am tring to keep the dm from having to much to do.
(17) CondorDM (whispering): i do understand
whispering to CondorDM, first night for us it be a little rocky
(17) CondorDM (whispering): <2nd edition cool
(17) CondorDM (whispering): i sent u my link same as i did todd i also run 2nd ed
whispering to CondorDM, i just took a quick look i will check it out more later
(17) CondorDM (whispering): awsome do it on ur time u keep playing bud respond when u have time
whispering to CondorDM, the site listed is for our v:tR game, but i hope to put some dnd stuff up soon
(17) CondorDM (whispering): i,ll help if needed
whispering to CondorDM, lets hope it doesn't get that bad... ;)
(17) CondorDM (whispering): i got free downloads of almost every 2nd ed book out there
whispering to CondorDM, do you have the priest spell compentums
(17) CondorDM (whispering): let me check i,m sure i do
(17) CondorDM (whispering): u ment the priests spellbook correct
whispering to CondorDM, no the compendiums that tsr put out i have been look for an online copy of them
(17) CondorDM (whispering): i can find just about anything i,m sure i have it on my comp but theres a link i got for 2nd ed books i sent
(17) CondorDM (whispering): i will search around in abit
whispering to CondorDM, ok I don't think thats the right book, but I take what i can get.
whispering to CondorDM, that works for me...
(17) CondorDM (whispering): oh i can get it trust me :) just give me a day at max i,ll send u my email u can add me later i have msn
(17) CondorDM (whispering): its nice watching table toppers..i have had issues on here online gamers are babyd somtimes lol
(17) CondorDM (whispering): well at least players here seem to be at there comps watching the screen...my players well i booted a few out well in recent campaigns i have had players leave and not tell me and even in the middle of combat
whispering to CondorDM, still happens, but these people don't tell you all the time when we are a table...
(17) CondorDM (whispering): either way table top is better but this is handy when u cant find local gamers
whispering to CondorDM, driveing 70 mi one way each week was adding up...
(17) CondorDM (whispering): ouch
whispering to CondorDM, it wasn't too bad as three of us could car pool...
whispering to CondorDM, those would have help to bad I didn't get any...
(17) CondorDM (whispering): lol....i see some players forget how to use brackets for ooc talk lol
whispering to CondorDM, not used to it yet...
whispering to CondorDM, guess he didn't like us
(17) CondorDM (whispering): give em time...i,m and old school dm and can be very strict as a person i,m a pussy cat meaning i,m nice and not to harsh ..but as a dm its like u meet my other half lol fair and dont play favorits but i,m dm type harsh when need be
whispering to CondorDM, fun is what its about
(17) CondorDM (whispering): heres a hint see at the top it says openrpg/game server/map/chat/tool/help...click openrpg then click settings click chat at the top of that box then look at that list go down to idle stataus click on it with mourse arrow ..type in there Hp? and ACtion?..once done click on something else to get off that then click on typing status above and press enter until it goes down past idle status so twice..and boom it,ll show you ac and hp when ur not typing
whispering to CondorDM, then everyone will want to know... I knew I could but it has given me something to do.
(17) CondorDM (whispering): i,m sending info to them
whispering to CondorDM, this may take awhile
(17) CondorDM (whispering): lol
whispering to CondorDM, not all of them get this program all that well...
(17) CondorDM (whispering): well instructions are pretty simple
(17) CondorDM (whispering): hopefully if they follow they,ll do fine
whispering to CondorDM, most of them will it is the dm I worry about...
(17) CondorDM (whispering): he doesnt need to its jus for players anyway :) good to go
whispering to CondorDM, he tends to get into trouble
< (17) CondorDM (whispering): well i,ll make it my job to help him get to know the program
whispering to CondorDM, don't leave me out i am not expert either...
(17) CondorDM (whispering): no worries :) i,ll help u as well
whispering to CondorDM, thanks
(17) CondorDM (whispering): np
(17) CondorDM (whispering): watch my idle area change
(17) CondorDM (whispering): that makes life easier for dm
whispering to CondorDM, yeah will have to get that working
(17) CondorDM (whispering): no worries will do
(17) CondorDM (whispering): malk got it
whispering to CondorDM, some one had to i think
(17) CondorDM (whispering): glad to see that it wasnt a wasted node to make for them :)
whispering to CondorDM, so am I
(17) CondorDM (whispering): and that idle thing will help todd out tons for time and game pace
whispering to CondorDM, he needs it too
(17) CondorDM has sent you a tree node...
(17) CondorDM (whispering): i just sent u my pc sheet thing..its 2nd ed sheets and a sheet for every class/kit and mutli class sheet
whispering to CondorDM, i will look that over also
(17) CondorDM has sent you a tree node...
(17) CondorDM (whispering): i sent it to u incase u wanna read over that again
whispering to CondorDM, thanks I have been in the chat buffer... I missed a step
(17) CondorDM (whispering): no worries
(17) CondorDM (whispering): there that should be helpful i,ll help with other game helpers that speed up game pace on here
(17) CondorDM (whispering): at another time of course :P
(17) CondorDM (whispering): for now i,m lurking
whispering to CondorDM, this still does happen
(17) CondorDM (whispering): well after so much gaming stuff i do its nice for sure
(17) CondorDM (whispering): i retired playing pcs 8 years ago dm,d first edition from 7 til i was ten started dming 2nd at ten til now i would play pcs but 8 years ago i gave that up
(17) CondorDM (whispering): using the cursed minis i dont use them lol
whispering to CondorDM, I think he needs them right now.. I have been looking for others, I also what to keep them on my server so that they load fast, havn't gotten that far yet though...
(17) CondorDM (whispering): i can help with that no worries i jus dont use them i,m pretty organised and i let imagination handle alot of that but alot groups do table top and here so thats cool
whispering to CondorDM, on the table we have minis and white papers so he likes them for keep posions straight
(17) CondorDM (whispering): i can do that in my head but i do understand 100% what ur saying much easier for him...see that little green note pad symbol beside scroll on sign on the dice button line.press that when the box comes up press remove html do this now to test ..but at the end of the game do that befor you leave and copy and past everything to a note pad or something on your comp..hence its the game lfor the game wich u can edit and post later on the site so other can read threw adventures u guys do on here or jus so u guys can read em
whispering to CondorDM, been saving it out evey now and then tonight
(17) CondorDM (whispering): no worrjust dit once at the end saves entire thing (17) CondorDM (whispering): no worries just dit once at the end saves entire thing
whispering to CondorDM, do you see a H mini?
(17) CondorDM (whispering): i,m lookin so far no
(17) CondorDM (whispering): good
whispering to CondorDM, we do get loopy some times
(17) CondorDM (whispering): heres some advcie for travel when u cant aford big horses ..get to oxes and a wagon..cost 15 gold if not a lil more and boom every pc can travel in the wagon and auto for loading treasure :)
(17) CondorDM (whispering): lol no worries
whispering to CondorDM, all joke of the game... we need something to caring stuff so we sent valadrin to get it he felt he was getting ripped off so he asked Malkiev to get a donkey
(17) CondorDM (whispering): lol
whispering to CondorDM, his sheet so you can see why he might get miss treated
(17) CondorDM (whispering): i notced well my sheet could help him lots
(17) CondorDM (whispering): how many females?
(17) CondorDM (whispering): female players i mean
whispering to CondorDM, i am sure I don't like that sheet any beter then the one I am useing I glanced at yours and it looks beter
whispering to CondorDM, just one tonight normally we have two, but school in the am sucks
(17) CondorDM (whispering): just is set for better detailed info for both u and dm that was the idea of my sheets basic but most times dont freeze ppl up
(17) CondorDM (whispering): ahhh age range in group?
(8) DM: Horis roll d100
(17) CondorDM (whispering): roll bud lol (17) CondorDM (whispering): how did u all meet and start table top?
(17) CondorDM (whispering): answer when u have time
whispering to CondorDM, valdrin I have knowen for more years then I remember
whispering to CondorDM, the other through work mostly, save the DM he and kahlan and Malkiev had been playing an on going game that I got into then I got Valdrin and Ken in when we start to play vampire and dnd
(8) DM: Horis d6
(17) CondorDM (whispering): well u guys didnt turn to 3rd/3.5 yet good god i,m glad to see that...lol
whispering to CondorDM, damn smokers
(17) CondorDM (whispering): lol
(17) CondorDM (whispering): i am also but i smoke right here
whispering to CondorDM, might have if we didn't all own 2ed books
(17) CondorDM (whispering): well if you ever turn to that trash let me know
whispering to CondorDM, everyone runs out sometimes
(17) CondorDM (whispering): and its more a kids game made for gamers 15 and less so watch out
whispering to CondorDM, might as well go to d20 stuff and have more options
(17) CondorDM (whispering): not kidding wotc made it to atract younger players
whispering to CondorDM, mkae it dumber so the video gamers can get into it, and feel it is to stupit for them and cruse the whole thing...
(17) CondorDM (whispering): i dont know 3rd/3.5 was made from the view of players...so i just dont bother to dm it i can get you all the books for 3rd/3.5 if u guys wanna run the game
whispering to CondorDM, their core
(17) CondorDM (whispering): not more options..jus more ways for players to exploit the game
whispering to CondorDM, that to...
(17) CondorDM (whispering): they have a nick name for 3rd/3.5 gamers now they call them munchkin players
whispering to CondorDM, those have been arround a long time it just makes the easier to spot...
(17) CondorDM (whispering): its like turning off the last samuria movie to watch the pokemon movie lol
whispering to CondorDM, gotta' crush them all
(17) CondorDM (whispering): they allow orcish bards..dwarven mages kobold warroirs...yes the monsters the dm threw at you now u can throw it at the dm..u know big T he isnt as bad as he was in 2nd ed they changed ruloes for him
(17) CondorDM (whispering): well if u view it as a kids game ..its great for kids thats cool..but 2nd edition by far is the adult game
whispering to CondorDM, no thanks... we have enough as it is... I almost what to go back to V:tM, but I won't
(17) CondorDM (whispering): lol (17) CondorDM (whispering): lol looks like u need healing

After Game Chat

(8) Todd: ((who is first watch? I need to know for prep reasons))
(13) Valdrin: me
(6) Kahlan: ((why so you can kill them))
(14) Malkiev: (( I'll take 3rd ))
(8) Todd: (( Welllllll :() ))
(16) enwewn: ((perp we have a good hour of time still))
(8) Todd: ((not with the killer headache I have
(13) Valdrin: or the fact that ken has to be up at 0500
(16) enwewn: ((get a beter monitor))
(13) Valdrin: or me at 0800
(16) enwewn: ((he can tough it out)) ;-)
(16) enwewn: ((fine))
(14) Malkiev: (( I have to be up some time after i go to bed ))
(8) Todd: So we did it guys...Any feed back with out being too rough guys?))
(16) enwewn: more practice
whispering to CondorDM, open it up...
(14) Nick: Wen't better than our gathering together sessions.
(8) Todd: Aight more practice...
(14) Nick: Went*
(8) Todd: Preach Brother Nick
(16) enwewn: that is something
(10) Milton: Sadly, we seem to have accomplished as much gameplay as if we had all gotten together - perhaps even more
(16) enwewn: I like not have the ooc in the same place
(16) enwewn: about the same i would say
(8) Todd: What was that Joe
(13) Mike: like thats any different than table gaming?
(16) enwewn: being able to crack jokes in whisper and not stop game play for them
(17) CondorDM: wait lol gaming on here is diff and table top in the long run is easier but this works lol)
(8) Todd: I think that getting started as soon as Nick gets home will help from now on
(17) CondorDM: (i have a few years exp on here)
(16) enwewn: no one almost died maybe it was not as much
(6) Kahlan: at least on table we don't have to worry about speeling errors.....
(8) DM: Everyone give Condor a big round of applause for his hints
(17) CondorDM: or ppl leaving without the dmi knowing lol
(6) Kahlan: spelling*
** (10) Ken claps **
(16) enwewn: **clap clap**
(14) Nick: Thanks a bunch Condor.
(13) Mike: thanks Condor
(17) CondorDM: np
** (6) Kahlan clamps. **
(8) Todd: Condor you coming back next week?
(6) Kahlan: claps even
(16) enwewn: I don't care about spelling anyways
(10) Ken: tuesday nights
(17) CondorDM: yeah i got the time to come to your sessions
(8) Todd: We know Joe
(6) Kahlan: well we know you don't joe..... lol
(16) enwewn: thats just mean
(8) Todd: Round about 10 or 10:30
(13) Mike: don't care or don't spell... yeah nevermind
(6) Kahlan: lol
(17) CondorDM: sweet i,ll be here
(16) enwewn: both
(8) Todd: Look guys a complete sentence from Joe with no errors
(13) Mike: where?
(16) enwewn: but only one
(10) Ken: ROFLMFAO
(6) Kahlan: well it was only 1 word.
(14) Nick: 1 word does not constitute a sentence.
(8) Todd: No I meant the trhreeword one
(13) Mike: sentances have punctuation and grammar
(10) Milton: no?
(13) Mike: or er... something like that
(8) Todd: Thanx guys
(6) Kahlan: well at least this way my cat isn't attacking poor mike
(8) Todd: I will have some good stuff for you next week
(17) CondorDM: sweet and i,ll asist todd in getting to know open better
(10) Milton: WE're all gonna DIE!!
(16) enwewn: e-mail any setting stuff that ypu want posted in the room log on
(8) Todd: That is normally the only tail mike gets on Tiesdays
(16) enwewn: I think I need to change it for all the lurkers we had to night
(6) Kat: yeah well he's alergic to it so it doesn't fdo him much good does it?
(13) Mike: cat is gonna look like this next week... http://forum.albertlea.com/forum/furry.jpg
(14) Nick: It's the only pussy mike gaets anytime.
whispering to Nug, talk it up
(8) Todd: Condor email me at del e-mail
(17) CondorDM: will do u got hotmail or msn todd?
(8) Todd: msn
(16) enwewn: thats his msm id also
(8) Todd: same as email
(17) CondorDM: there i sent my email in node
(17) CondorDM: jus add me
(8) Todd: I am slightly lazy from time to time
(22) Nug: *lurk . . .lurk*
(17) CondorDM: copy and paste is easier lol
(16) enwewn: good one nug
(17) CondorDM: so were u all from
(17) CondorDM: may i ask
(16) enwewn: Mn
(8) Todd: You will have to explain the recording thing sometime
(22) Nug: Ventura, CA USA
(13) Mike: southern minnesota and one from iowa
(6) Kat: I will shave you Mike!
(16) enwewn: find interstate 90 and 35 and thats a few of us
(17) CondorDM: Nova Scotia Canada here and 25
(24) darthmalis (enter): 02:31
(22) Nug: I've been searching for a game to join, your's is the best so far
(8) Todd: Mn and 35...you guys are all so young...
(16) enwewn: hello we are wraping up for the night feel free to stay
(10) Ken: that's sooso sad
(14) Nick: That's pretty sad.
(6) Kat: that's pretty sad
(8) Todd: Man I am old
(6) Kat: yes todd your ancient
(8) Todd: MAn there must be some bad games out there
(22) Nug: Very
(10) Milton: LMFAO
(17) CondorDM: lol
(17) CondorDM: lmao
(16) enwewn: this is only because it started table top..
(8) Todd: Nug you were winning some points for a second
(17) CondorDM: Nug what edition do you think this is?
(22) Nug: I just switched to Linux and learned of OpenRPG
(16) enwewn: and every one here is on windows
(17) CondorDM: same here
(17) CondorDM: windows
(17) CondorDM: nug this isnt 3rd/3.5 so ya know bud
(16) enwewn: that makes it funnier
(17) CondorDM: lol
(10) Milton: At this point, I'll take what i can get
(22) Nug: Well i wont hold it against any of you, edition?
(17) CondorDM: lol
(6) Kat: Don't you usually Ken?
(16) enwewn: 2nd adnd
(17) CondorDM: yup thats the game here
(8) Todd: This is 2nd editon 2.todd
(22) Nug: 2nd was better
(17) CondorDM: well the guy knows his editions
(17) CondorDM: i,ll give em that
(17) CondorDM: lol
(6) Kat: yeah todd likes to make up some of his own rules
(10) Ken: n/k
(17) CondorDM: i got many house rules as well
(16) enwewn: it what happens went you buy a lot of books, you tried and use them... looks at 5 feet of V:tM books
(22) Nug: 2nd with house rules was always the best, back in the day
(17) CondorDM: thats my site has them all
(14) Nick: No good players ever play strictly by the books.
(22) Nug: We had one that was 2nd and Rolemaster
(14) Nick: the books aren
(22) Nug: It rocked
(17) CondorDM: book junkies..
(16) enwewn: books even
(17) CondorDM: ugg
(24) darthmalis: Disconnecting from server...
(24) darthmalis (exit): 02:35
(14) Nick: the books aren't rules, they're guidelines.
(8) Todd: Books are for peeps who can read right Ken?
(22) Nug: I got everythig on PDF
(17) CondorDM: books give u a bases to work from is all
(6) Kat: well that would def count you out todd.... :)
(8) DM: I had PDF once but i broke up with the girl who gave it to me
(17) CondorDM: at least 2nd edition has the DMs Choice rule
(16) enwewn: books just add weight for driving in the winter
(6) Kat: roflmao
(22) Nug: nice
(17) CondorDM: ur a player
(17) CondorDM: how many books do ya need
(17) CondorDM: lol
(6) Kat: depends on how much ice is on the road
(22) Nug: phb and a crayon
(8) Todd: Some one explain winter to Nug he is from CALI
(14) Nick: technically, 2 and you really don't NEED those 2.
(10) Ken: I think he needs about 20 more lbs.
(17) CondorDM: lmao
(17) CondorDM: i,m in nova scotia canada
(17) CondorDM: i can tell him about lots of snow
(6) Kat: ok here it is winter sucks hard core
(22) Nug: Hey now, I've been in SC in winter, I've seen a little snow
(16) enwewn: so just south of us here ;)
(17) CondorDM: so much when u get up look at the parkin lot u can not see the cars
(13) Mike: sc doesn't have winter... thats late spring
(10) Ken: very little
(22) Nug: lol
(8) Todd: That wasn't snow tha twas a tall guy with dander
(6) Kat: lol
(17) CondorDM: lol
(6) Kat: so true
(14) Nick: Cars? Is that what those giant marshmallow looking things in my driveway are?
(6) Kat: i think so
(16) enwewn: if cars still looked like cars it wasn't snow...
(22) Nug: You guys have a lot more life to you on this server
(10) Ken: no, nick. those are the dogs
(6) Kat: the gdogs better be in the backyard
(6) Kat: thanks nug
(22) Nug: I normally DM, I'm hoping to get in on a game sometime
(6) Kat: i think......
(16) enwewn: that may be why it keeps dieing on me...
(17) CondorDM: if you all have another night other then tuesdays ..i got wednesdays and thursdays free i was thinking of running a campaign on one or both days ?...saturdays free as well but most ppl do stuff on weekends
(10) Ken: we aren't most ppl
(8) Todd: Drive way ...those are really jumps for sleds....(sleds are snowmoblies for you novices)
(16) enwewn: not me other then work so if it is late enough I might make it
(8) Todd: I second that
(8) Todd: nug join us next week
(6) Kat: what's a snowmobile?
(16) enwewn: more weekday after 9:30cst are not to bad for me
(22) Nug: ditto with enwewn, and what time?
(8) Todd: a sled Kat
(10) Ken: no good for me, though
(16) enwewn: I could be changeing also, but I don't know yet....
(8) Todd: Wha tare you all going to leave me for Condor... :(
(17) CondorDM: lol
(16) enwewn: now all I have to do is figer out how to make this work on my cell phone
(6) Kat: maybe....
(17) CondorDM: no no
(17) CondorDM: i was thinking u might wanna join my game todd
(17) CondorDM: lol
(10) Ken: I'll always be htere for you, todd
(17) CondorDM: :P
(17) CondorDM: and others
(8) Todd: I have abondonment issues
(17) CondorDM: when your not running ur game
(22) Nug: lol
(17) CondorDM: lol
(8) Todd: Hell I just have issues
(16) enwewn: todd you kill us every other week, we can't leave that behind
(6) Kat: if I were you todd I'ld run screaming from Ken.
(22) Nug: Ok, so how to submit character's?
(8) Todd: I don't kill you
(10) Ken: yeah, todd never kills us, we kill ourselves
(6) Kat: yes you do and then you laugh like an evil maniac afterwards
(16) enwewn: well not dead at least
(8) Todd: email me and I will comntact you sometime to create a character
(14) Nick: We don't die that often, we just have a knack for mass loss of conciousness.
(22) Nug: Gimmie your e-mail, I missed it earlier
(16) enwewn: make sure to follow up with him, like the rest of us he forgets things
(8) Todd: del e-mail
(17) CondorDM: todd i will help u with ur web site so like mine pcs can roll stats that auto send to your email so they cant cheat and so they can also do there pc on the page and that sends to dm auto
(10) Ken: forgets what?
(6) Kat: only because we had a thf who kept running down the wrong side of the hill
(8) Todd: and one who ran between stone golems
(16) enwewn: I have the web site not him.. a web site would scare him
(10) Ken: she's no longer with us
(8) DM: Bite me Joe
(17) CondorDM: also let me send u my pc sheets todd u may like them i got one for each class and one for multi class
(16) enwewn: were and how hard
(22) Nug: lol
(6) Kat: yeah she's sleeping in her bed now instead of in her chair at the table game.
(17) CondorDM: lol
(22) Nug: I've got the old yellow multi scanned
(6) Kat: come on joe you know where he likes it
(17) CondorDM: todd so your a seasoned dm i take it..how many pcs have u actually had die in your games from game play?
(16) enwewn: yeah yeah yeah
(8) Todd: How are you guys supposed to bribe me with Jolly ranchers
(10) Ken: now, ask how many pcs died from gameplay
(6) Kat: lol guess your shit outta luck todd
(17) CondorDM: lol
(8) Todd: Man over the years?
(17) CondorDM: yeah can u count or to many
(16) enwewn: year months
(6) Kat: just the ones who did stupid things......
** (10) Milton slips GM a green Jolly Rancher **
(17) CondorDM: 15 years and i have kept a list when players ask when joining i use to show it to them i still update it lol
(8) Todd: actaully dead and not resur?
(14) Nick: We'll just have to get a pic of an apple jolly rancher and IM it to you when we need to bribe you.
(16) enwewn: he is at home so he can take his shoes off
(6) Kat: that should help him count
(22) Nug: ouch
(17) CondorDM: worst trick i pulled online
(17) CondorDM: killed and entire group
whispering to Nick, like us all
(10) Ken: sounds familiar
(17) CondorDM: group went to a town be attacked by a white dragon well live stock were.
(17) CondorDM: and pcs were hired to go kill the dragon ..they went to fight this white dragon
(8) Todd: A giant granite slab falls from the sky on Kahlan
(13) Mike: Disconnecting from server...
(13) Mike (exit): 02:48
(14) Nick: There ain't no coming back from that...
(17) CondorDM: when they got to it ..they learnt one thing after the battle started ..white dragon was and albino red dragon
(6) Kat: see knew you would kill someone sooner or later...... you just have the evil personality
(10) Ken: Condor! stop giving him ideas!
(17) CondorDM: :P
(8) DM: I suppose I have overseen the death of probably 20 or 25 charactersa
(6) Kat: lol
(16) enwewn: or give him more so he forgets them
(17) CondorDM: i wont mention my number
(14) Nick: Well, I'm out guys. Catch ya later.
(17) CondorDM: i,m a fair dm
(16) enwewn: later nick
(8) Todd: Nug and condor see you nest week
(6) Kat: yeah me too.... later guys
(8) Todd: next even
(8) Todd: email me
(16) enwewn: later
(8) DM: bye nick
(17) CondorDM: i dont kill pcs either they coz the death themselves or roles go bad or they choose to fight the thing they shouldnt have fought
(8) Todd: kat
(22) Nug: See you then
(8) Todd: cya
(17) CondorDM: lata nick
(14) Nick: Disconnecting from server...
(14) Nick (exit): 02:50
(8) Todd: see you joe
(10) Ken: bi
(6) Kat: Disconnecting from server...
(6) Kat (exit): 02:50
(8) Todd: bye ken
(8) Todd: thanx all
(17) CondorDM: lol
(22) Nug: Disconnecting from server...
(22) Nug (exit): 02:51
(16) enwewn: I am staying or nobody is
(8) Todd: Disconnecting from server...
(8) Todd (exit): 02:51
(16) enwewn: I guess nobody is
(10) Ken: nobody is
(17) CondorDM: lol
(16) enwewn: time to save
(10) Ken (exit): 02:51
(17) CondorDM: lol
(17) CondorDM: well sounds like u might have to retire as well
(17) CondorDM: what time is it there
(17) CondorDM: its 5 am here jus about
(16) enwewn: me no I have tomarrow offf
(16) enwewn: 27 pages in word
(17) CondorDM: kewl
(17) CondorDM: ahh
(16) enwewn: 3am
(17) CondorDM: it be nice to drag some of you into another one day a week campaign
(16) enwewn: and i am missing some as I crashed open a few times
(17) CondorDM: hell i got wed/thur/sat free
(17) CondorDM: damm
(17) CondorDM: i jus got my ram upgraded to 480
(17) CondorDM: man its nice
(16) enwewn: that could be fun... i also need to get the rest of the vampire stuff transcribe and up I am about a week behind...
(16) enwewn: 1gb ram not a problem stupit me
(17) CondorDM: well my game might be a lil diff for you guys but its all 2ed and my house rules dont take away from 2ed ..just fixes some of the book detailed probs
(16) enwewn: bad sheet realy i was opening it at the wrong level and it would die
(17) CondorDM: ahh
(16) enwewn: that is a must
(16) enwewn: now that is a week of game day and as we get through a day a night of role playing I am a bit behind...
(16) enwewn: good thing I have lots of hdd space
(17) CondorDM: i hear that did u save the log
(16) enwewn: yes
(17) CondorDM: do u guys play with kits
(17) CondorDM: i allow a few not all
(16) enwewn: I will put it up on the site some time shortly... have to take all the whispers out
(17) CondorDM: yeah and some other stuff
(16) enwewn: no, most are from scrach
(17) CondorDM: i mean like no name coming in and talkign and some other stuff i noticed
(17) CondorDM: u could probaly easly edit some stuff i said in there out
(16) enwewn: yeah a few of those and just some errors
(16) enwewn: yea I might post two versions, one edited one raw, I don't know
(17) CondorDM: minis jus mess me up and freezes some comps up ..not all ppl have good comps but minus the lil stuff out and they can stay connected without freezing
(16) enwewn: I have the web space for it
(17) CondorDM: kewl i have a forum for it
(17) CondorDM: also some other sites that lets me have so much space there
(16) enwewn: what software do you use
(16) enwewn: right now I have 5gb, but that host is going away soon I am move to on with about 1gb I think...
(17) CondorDM: software for what ...befor we get ahead of ourselves a lot my comp knowledge is self taught and i,m no comp person i,m glad i know what i know ...in a lot ways i was todd couple years ago
(17) CondorDM: hmmm i dont use none of my own space
(17) CondorDM: i,ll send the link
(17) CondorDM: it lets ui have a lot stuff there u can load to web pages and a forum helps more stuff more space that isnt ran off your comp
(17) CondorDM: http://www.mymegafile.com/index.php
(17) CondorDM: u can load tons there and then put it to your site
(17) CondorDM: same with the forum u can post all kinds there free space
(17) CondorDM: bathroom run one sec
(16) enwewn: not too bad... though I have a site and that doesn't look to work for that... the package I was looking at just now to remember is 2gb and 30gb for 10$ a year
(17) CondorDM: thats free also do u know much about htmls
(17) CondorDM: i starts learnign to create stuff for my page
(16) enwewn: i am old school when it comes to html 3.2, hand codeing so I don't get to fancy
(17) CondorDM: htmls are pretty much a web page
(17) CondorDM: hey check out my dungeon creator its someone elses but i took his html and adjusted almsot a 100%
(16) enwewn: they are to start with, but now more and more you have to go dynamic
(17) CondorDM: me either but i do some stuff
(17) CondorDM: i started allowing mauls in my game
(17) CondorDM: you knwo what they are?
(16) enwewn: can't say that I do...
(17) CondorDM: and also check famous last words link on my site thats funny stuff
(17) CondorDM: mals i mean
(17) CondorDM: damm weapons name messes me up
(17) CondorDM: Mals are half human hald dwarf
(17) CondorDM: there from 2nd ...i think darksun has them
B>(17) CondorDM: anyway i liked the race so much i allow it
(16) enwewn: that nice of you... did follow all of the expansions myself, I was happy with the core stuff, then someone creations
(16) enwewn: didn't
(17) CondorDM: well i dont follow it either much i dm,d 15 years with a phb MM and dmg ...worked for my games and house rules..
(16) enwewn: that all you need right there
(17) CondorDM: and wouldnt even use add ons when i started on here but after a few years and study and well i got soft and started liking some of it
(17) CondorDM: but i only have a few i liked
(17) CondorDM: i dont use all the add on books
(17) CondorDM: nor there rules
(17) CondorDM: every kit fits into the phb rules and what not
(17) CondorDM: but i do have a larger list of nwps and equipment and spells
(17) CondorDM: no mage kits ..a few fighter thief and clerics but not many
(17) CondorDM: a couple of the kits make it easier well truly easier for newbies regardless play thieves in a group with a paly
(16) enwewn: that is the one thing we are use is the com. spells I do like having more of those, the nwps are great, but you need to use them to make it werth having
(16) enwewn: I still don't have all of those transfered over yet
(16) enwewn: one more thing on the list
(17) CondorDM: oh yeah i have them as options doesnt mean i,ll ever see it all used
(17) CondorDM: kits are for newbies mostly..some exp players take em
(17) CondorDM: kits give a newbie and auto aim makes rp easier for them and combat for any newbie is paced
(16) enwewn: I have alway like poeple to go though all the set up work, it just seems to make them understaind better... maybe that is why I haven't dm alot...
(17) CondorDM: lol online dming well getting players and recruiting is man amazingly hard
(17) CondorDM: trust me once the players for your camp adjust u,ll see the problems
(17) CondorDM: like u had a guy to to his truck tonight
(16) enwewn: I am sure... that is what scares me
(17) CondorDM: that wasnt a big issue hence ironicly good timing
(16) enwewn: he does that even when we are at his house
(16) enwewn: though that is because the nosence level climbs high sometimes
(17) CondorDM: but wait til u constantly session after session havint that happen ..or players not at a table get distracted ...you,ll go from getting a lot done tonight ..to i hope we get from the bar to the gate of the town to leave beofr this 5 hour session ends.
(17) CondorDM: i seen it
(17) CondorDM: u get ppl leaving not telling the dm
(16) enwewn: I need to get todd to give me information on rictus so i can set up a good page for it...
(17) CondorDM: then u get brbs even when they do..then u get late shows then u get no shows
(16) enwewn: that is one of the thinks that kept me off line as long as i was...
(17) CondorDM: todd seems like the type who likes being at a table dming ..if my five players didnt move away and i could find players local i wouldnt be on here
(17) CondorDM: lol
(16) enwewn: that feeling of having people coming over help motovate people
(16) enwewn: he does, but driveing is kill al of us... 70mi for me I think it was 50mi for him...
(17) CondorDM (whispering): thats true...ouch i,m in nova scotia canada and gass is heavy here man u,d guys need extra hours at work for that
(17) CondorDM: yeah trust me players sitting alone at home on a comp ..killls the gaming spirit and leaves players to get lazy
(17) CondorDM: i understand where ur coming from hell i,m here i run 2 campaigns sundays and mondays as is
(16) enwewn: I don't even like playing were we do, because it is too easy to get relaxed about playing..
(16) enwewn: I like having a play site that is setup for the game to limit distraction
(17) CondorDM: its all to what u like ..i had all these great ideas when i first got on here
(17) CondorDM: and bonus is for a good while they worked
(17) CondorDM: then
(17) CondorDM: the long run caught me
(16) enwewn: we are all in truoble when it comes to table to play as it gets easyer to play on-line
(17) CondorDM: in the long run things got messed
(16) enwewn: horably is my guess
(17) CondorDM: players never show (worse is i was friends with these guys on here and still am with most and am with my players now). but it started i havint had one all around ok session in a year or so other then one first night we started mondays camp
(17) CondorDM: past that nothing
(16) enwewn: a few of the player were have problems at the table one like we said earlier just was kicked out of the gruop because she would fall a sleep at the able...
(17) CondorDM: u wait lol online lol u,ll see
(17) CondorDM: todd will go crazy
(17) CondorDM: we better teach him open soon so when it all comes down on him hence hes the dm
(17) CondorDM: well maybe he,ll be a bit ready
(16) enwewn: well that doesn't take much... he is the one a worry about though as he seem more distracted at home
(17) CondorDM: cause on ur end this is all great and good and easy
(17) CondorDM: on the dms end man
(17) CondorDM: yeah i hope he doesnt recruit the wrong ppl
(17) CondorDM: such as nug i seen him around
(16) enwewn: what a pain.. i know i looked at doing vampire in here, now way
(16) enwewn: no way
(17) CondorDM: watch out ..u get these guys who play on shots..means mini adventures
(17) CondorDM: and they,ll join a cmapign and start with issues they show when they feel and all ..now its easy to just boot them out if todd doesnt become friendly with them then he wont want to...
(17) CondorDM: dont let him recruit any more players
(17) CondorDM: u guys will do fine jus ur group
(16) enwewn: he won't last long as we tend to play till we can play the character any more
(17) CondorDM: poison ur group with ppl off here
(17) CondorDM: longest session i ran on here went 18 hours
(16) enwewn: I think that we should limit them to watching and making whispers for a while to see if they fit in...
(17) CondorDM: all together adding the 18 hours i was up 59 hours ...ten minuites after we ended the session i passed out
(17) CondorDM: do something man
(17) CondorDM: or u,ll get tards ruinging what u guys have
(16) enwewn: well it must have been a good session to keep you up. :-)
(17) CondorDM: i seen them players fuck shit up..u will get players who pick pcs that for sure wont work with the group..or thats what they,ll want and wine when it aint allowed
(17) CondorDM: it was
(16) enwewn: I wish in some ways there was more control of the player in openrpg
(17) CondorDM: campaign was called Storm wars
(17) CondorDM: it was the last war
(17) CondorDM: went on forever
(17) CondorDM: Storm was my mr evil mage half god
(17) CondorDM: it was a good campaign and the backround story to it went well
(17) CondorDM: Storm Wars was the only good campaign i ran on here and that was the first one
(16) enwewn: that is one good thing about controlling the sheets, they don't get in until the pass inspection, and if there sheet changes with out the dm knowing, gone
(16) enwewn: it sucks to have a good one first draw you in and make you think it could happen agian
(17) CondorDM: its not the sheet issues man they,ll go threw the motions and wait to get in the game...a lot them will try to kill other pcs and not for a funny scene were they really dont do it ..they will try but ..there sneaky they,ll wait a couple sessions sometimes or wait until there giving the ok then they start there bs
(17) CondorDM: many many issues
(17) CondorDM: like new thief joins group and he aint out to rob others..he sets his pc or hers to rob other pcs
(17) CondorDM: and these are constant problems
(16) enwewn: that is the shit that i hate about being online you just don't know these people, so you can't go to their house and smack them for that kind of shit...
(17) CondorDM: outta ten recruited players u might get one good one
(16) enwewn: might
(17) CondorDM: exactly
(17) CondorDM: so u guys stick to your thing..i might join if todd will allow it
(16) enwewn: most likly that one will be avg. and out of 10 of those you will one good one
(17) CondorDM: but i got the time
(17) CondorDM: and years on table top u have no worries
(16) enwewn: that is the best thing time at a table...
(16) enwewn: I missed playing for a long time until I got into this group.
(17) CondorDM: yeah i missed gaming thats what brang me here
(16) enwewn: played vampire for 3 years table top and nothing for about 3yrs
(17) CondorDM: so whats classes in the group
(17) CondorDM: ?
(17) CondorDM: well what kinda pcs
(17) CondorDM: never played the vampire stuff
(16) enwewn: 1 thief
(16) enwewn: me the bandaid
(17) CondorDM: evil?
(17) CondorDM: cleric
(16) enwewn: 1 wizard
(16) enwewn: yes
(16) enwewn: no evil
(17) CondorDM: k
(16) enwewn: 1 paladin
(17) CondorDM: sounds like u all need another meet shield
(16) enwewn: 1 fighter
(17) CondorDM: ok
(17) CondorDM: meat
(16) enwewn: we had another thief and fighter to start with by time got them
(16) enwewn: more meat would be good
(17) CondorDM: so to pcs that can handle melee well
(17) CondorDM: what levels
(16) enwewn: me 6
(16) enwewn: malkiev 5
(17) CondorDM: what level would todd start me at ?
(16) enwewn: 1
(17) CondorDM: 1 thought so
(16) enwewn: you always start a 1
(17) CondorDM: good
(17) CondorDM: well depends
(16) enwewn: kahlan 4
(16) enwewn: not to todd
(17) CondorDM: i had groups get to level 12 and i start new pc at level 7
(16) enwewn: milton 4
(16) enwewn: valadrin 4
(16) enwewn: I think that all of them
(17) CondorDM: well thats a good size group
(17) CondorDM: u guys seem to be doing well
(16) enwewn: seems far, but the fun to me is getting there
(17) CondorDM: whats highest level pc u played?
(16) enwewn: of course I like to retire character at about level 16 as you just have to through some much at them to even make it hard
(16) enwewn: I have played a level 23 theif for a short time
(17) CondorDM: not true but maybe to some
(17) CondorDM: i killed a 24th level fighter with a group of kobolds
(16) enwewn: it is a personal thing with me I like the devealopment time
(17) CondorDM: hence he told me that he was a god and no lil creatures could hurt him anymore
(17) CondorDM: i hear that
(16) enwewn: he could hit the barn if he fell onto it that night
(16) enwewn: the part I hate though is I don't seen to hit stride until about level 4 so start over is not that fun either... but it lets me play and that is the most inportant part...
(17) CondorDM: what happen was he was walking threw a path ...made a bad check and fell into a hole a deep one..now bad part is there lots of black slime stopping him from getting out tons of it it sticks to him and even starts sliding under his armor(a type of thick oil created by goblins in my world and used by many other monsters)...they shot and arrow lit on fire ..he so oh great it missed me even one of the other players befor i spoke (hence other were in a town fighter was player msger boy cause he thought no one could beat him on the road) said he wasnt aiming for you ...fighter was like what do u mean then he said"oh no the oil" ..oil lit up and he tried forever to get out failed rolls and all and died.....he almost got out at one point and on a str check to pull him self out he rolled a 20(bad fail)
(16) enwewn: yeah a little bad luck goes a long way
(17) CondorDM: he was 24th level and that was and encounter with kobolds
(17) CondorDM: at 16 th level if i was the type of dm to just wanna prove a point i could kick the shit out 16th level pcs all day with effort on the creation of encounters
(17) CondorDM: and done it
(17) CondorDM: many many many times to many many many groups
(17) CondorDM: didnt do it on purpose
(17) CondorDM: like everyother level it all depends on your enemy
(16) enwewn: thats is for sure
(17) CondorDM: but on here i been acused of this ..in a combat situation hobgoblins are smart warroirs so i use them that way but some creatures will be retards so on purpose i have them fight like morons and i get player saying"dm couldnt handle us tonight"...i,m the dm i aint out to win and i dont make half ass combat for my games..a lot players forget that as the dm i,m nothing more then a ref i have nothing to achieve other then make a fun game
(17) CondorDM: but some players think its dm vs us
(16) enwewn: I ahve spent many hours trying to explian that to people
(16) enwewn: if it was the dm would away win as he has the most toys
(17) CondorDM: i know the creatures well enough now that i created a stragety for them so in the end u face the hobgoblins not me or it be me every batter and retard creatures would always fight like exp warroirs
(17) CondorDM: i have done something on here i never did befor pulled off the most beautiful combat scene using bullywugs ..
(16) enwewn: you sir have high goals then me...
(17) CondorDM: lol
(17) CondorDM: well its not high goals if i had to learn to do details as much as that over night it be mad
(17) CondorDM: i get all that from 15 years of dming
(17) CondorDM: bully wugs are funny
(16) enwewn: time does do funny things to the brain
(17) CondorDM: i never really pulled off putting them in a session correctly
(17) CondorDM: well i got players who like the games so they must be messed as well lol
(16) enwewn: that is the best plase to start