Rictus is a world of many climes, people and faiths. It is a world of prejudices and tolerances. It is even a world of peace and war. The lands are split between the races and creatures that inhabit it. It has kingdoms ruled by the ironfisted hands of half breed humanoids and republics that teeter on the brink of anarchy due to overly benevolent leadership that ask nothing from its people. The gods of Rictus are many if not limitless and unbound. If you have pet cause as a denizen of this world you can bet your stars that there is a god that covers the cause. If you have no cause or no alignment to any faith then you can find a niche in any of the many philosophical groups that abound on the world of Rictus. If you prefer no affiliation at all then rest assured you will be fine but pro! bably pestered by any number of disciples seeking to sway you to their god or cause.

Rictus itself is large and singular in its existence in the universe it inhabits. No other world comes close to the shear girth of this world or it enormous density. It is covered by oceans and seas. There are lakes the size of oceans and rivers that run for thousands of miles. There are fourteen continents on Rictus and nine island chains large enough to be noticed. ! The continents are broke into kingdoms , empires, republics and conglomerates. The island chains are geopolitical powers in of themselves. Some of the rulers are from long family lines that reach back far into the past while others merely arose from the ashes of successful rebellions.

If you would like to play with us we are on OpenRPG most Wednesday morning at about 12:30am CST. Check out a night and check out the rules we have set for our game.

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November 1, 2005 Raw Game OCC Log
November 8, 2005 Raw Game After Game
November 15, 2005 Raw Game After Game
November 22, 2005 Raw

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