Setting: New Orleans
Game Date: 18 Oct 87
Chronicle: TBA
Play Date: 05 Mar 06

We pick up with the players at Corpus Christie Church talking with Father John & Antoine Savoy. Savoy explains the Kindred Traditions, clans, covenants, Elysium, and what sites are included in Elysium in New Orleans. He answers questions they have. He gives them a map with Elysium sites and other places of interest to Kindred. Savoy also explains Sire/Childe Bond and how it seems to work. Jack adds to info since he knows who his sire is and what that feeling was like.

They left the church in search of their sires through the use of the Sire/Childe Bond. They started out by just cruising up and down the streets of the French Quarter. Kapian & Charles get some weird feelings so they stop out front of the Twilight club. Charles finds a handwritten copy of Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island" on one of the book shelves and sits down to peruse the book. Jack & Kaspian "eavesdropped" on four vampires in the back rear corner in an agitated debate. They heard there was some kind of trouble at Corpus Christie Church. They quickly leave the Twilight Club, when they get into Jack's van they hear the S.W.A.T. team being dispatched to Corpus Christie Church.

While enroute to the church they all get an overwhelming desire to get there ASAP. They arrived to a complete Police blockade. They mingle with the rest of the on-lookers. They notice Vidal, Savoy, Alexander & a female standing across the street from them. Vidal motions for them to join him. He explains that Father John is presumably inside the church, but won't answer repeated calls to come out.

Our ever zealous group decides to get inside & help Father John. Vidal sends Alexander with them, and advises them to clean up any signs of vampiric activity.

They meet no resistance getting into the church. Might that be because of Vidal's influence with the police department? The back door of the church is unlocked, when they enter here are obvious signs of a struggle. They find Father John unresponsive at the bottom of the basement stairs. As they continue their search they find several pews overturned in the sanctuary and the font at back of church shoved over and water running down the center aisle. They also notice a black woman who stands up and starts to move towards them.

As she gets closer to Alexander, Jack & Kaspian: Kaspian makes quick work of putting his fear down, Jack struggles a bit with his fear but he doesn't retreat. Alexander attempts to talk with the woman, Andrea, she just stares "vacantly" at him. Charles moves closer and fights with his fear. Talons appear from Alexander's fingertips and he lunges at Andrea. She nonchalantly throws him almost to the communion rail, seemingly effortlessly. Charles steps in to try to subdue Andrea. After a short battle Charles and Alexander get her subdued. While this brawl was going on Jack & Kaspian go to retrieve Father John from the foot of the stairs. Alexander calls Vidal to let him know situation is under control & for assistance getting out of the building. Vidal tells him he can't help them out, but let's Alexander know it's going to be tough getting out 'cause the building is surrounded. Jack calls Mack from the Crescent City Knights, street gang, asking if he can arrange a diversion in the area of Corpus Christie Church. Mack says, "No problem & you owe me Jack!" The diversion is in the form of tear gas grenades being shot into the mass of cops out front of the church. In the ensuing panic the group makes their escape. In the process, unknown to our erstwhile group Jack is spotted fleeing with Father John in a fireman's carry by a member of the press who snaps a couple of pictures. They get to Alexander's car and start heading to the mansion Vidal uses as his offices. While enroute Alexander starts to question Andrea. She tells him that Sarah Cobbler was behind the siring of our characters & two others. She realizes Edward isn't with them and asks if they searched the church thoroughly; they did but didn't find anyone but Father John & her. Alexander let's Jack, Kaspian, Charles, and Andrea out of the car to go find Edward. Also, telling them to meet him the following night at the cemetery where Jack got the phone call from Marie. He says he can stall Vidal but not indefinitely.

They find Edward in the aforementioned cemetery and head to the waterfront to an abandoned ship that Andrea knows about for the day…

To be continued…

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