Albert Lea Update ……

Our setting is Grand old New Orleans, as if you weren’t expecting that…..hahah!!!
Our game opens during Mardi Gras….go figure again I know this was obvious. We are Pre-Katrina, year is 1987.
We open with our friends in Louis Armstrong Park, just west of Corpus Christie Church.
Our wise young fools have this Hunger that really no words can vividly enough describe. However, the idea that even their mostly favorite food is not even slightly appetizing.
In trying to figure out where they are they realize that they are not as alone they believed a few seconds ago. They are leery of each other and don’t really interact. Beacause coming their way from the direction of the French Quarter. They are college age, two males and two females all four of them are so obviously drunk as to be literally falling over each other. They are loud and obnoxious and boisterous to the extreme. But curiously what draws our new creations’ attention is not their overt behavior it is what they mean to each of them…..They know almost instictively that they can fulfill the Hunger they feel. As the partiers get closer they seem drawn to the body heat, the sound of heartbeats. Watching the jugular pound with the blood pumping through.
The first of our characters to react is Neveah. With speed that I believe even surprised her, she furiously attacked the male nearest to her position, slashing and stabbing at her victim while all the while her canines lengthened and she sank her fangs into his neck and felt the sheer pleasure of the blood trickling down her throat; all the while she is stabbing and slicing at her victim’s torso.“What a waste of perfectly good vitae!” Never mind I’m getting ahead of myself.

Our other unlikely hero, Noland went after the only male of partyers left. This was with such nonchalance that it was comical when compared to the other response. Noland was inspired by the emotional baggage he’s dragging around of his experiences with drunken people. Therefore, male victim number two really never did stand a chance. The male’s fate was sealed the moment he took his first drink of the evening. “If you believe in FATE that is!” In a flash Noland engaged his prey rather quickly and efficently draining the life right out of the male without spilling a drop of the precious vital fluid. At this point Noland a satiated his thrist and the Hunger receeds to the background of his mind. “Hehe, for now anyways!”

Tired will add more in the very near future……………

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