Night Nineteen

They all arise for the next night, call each other and set up to meet at Paul’s.

Gracey checks her voice mail and then gives her sire a call. After the call she stops by the park to see if Minth is there, not finding him she finally heads out to Paul’s.

They all end up at Paul’s though Gracey is a little behind them as they had time to have a snack. This in tailed way too many other conversations, though. As Gracey arrives at Paul’s, the group heads out the start of the subway maps. They get out and Paul’s checks with Victoria on how far from here to the safe house it seems to be. Victoria tells Paul that it is far enough that they don’t want to carry all of Hugh’s gear. Paul just yells at Hugh that carry it all and the start down the steps. Paul weary of the new surroundings tells them that things don’t feel right to him, but to move on with the search. The group talking of what they want to do with Dalia realizes that they don’t have any stakes. An old wooden bench is sacrificed to the cause. Everyone, but Hannah picks up a stake. After they walk a short time more they see that the place has been taken over with vagrants. Two of these stand and block the path and a third steps up behind them. Paul takes charge as Victoria steps aside. Paul tells them they pick the wrong day to get in his way. (Combat ensues.) James, the first to act, uses the stake to lash out at the third ghoul. Paul hits one of the front two taking a chunk out of his arm. Hugh takes aim with the auto handgun and hits the other ghoul in front. This gives Victoria the chance to drive her stack into his chest. The ghoul that Paul hit takes a swing back, and lands a light blow. Hannah takes a swing at him and connects. The other one takes out a 9mm at takes a shot at Hugh and misses. The back ghoul takes a swing a James with a sap. Christian takes a swing at Paul’s ghoul and takes out its leg. James takes another swing at the ghoul landing a solid blow to the guy’s jaw leaving him dazed. Gracey takes out the first ghoul with a swift kick to the head. Hugh takes another shot at his ghoul and sends him to the ground. Victoria takes a free shot at him. Hannah feels that they are down and out, so the fights done. James gets hit by the sap, and this makes him yell out getting Paul back who take a slice out of him. Seeing this, Gracey runs back and kicks him, knocking the last ghoul down. About this time another figure starts towards them form down the subway. James and Christian start to head back up the subway. As they start to see more of this figure they can tell that it is a Gangrel. Hugh feeling lucky takes shots at him with the auto-9mms. Doing some damage, but not slowing him down in fact it piss him off enough that he runs up to Hugh and slashes him with extended claws. Paul takes off the arm that slashed Hugh. (This insights some Monty Python references.) Gracey see this runs back to see what she can do, and just brushes him. Hugh takes a few more shots at him, hitting him in the chest. Victoria takes her other stake and imbeds it in the gangrel’s chest. Paul takes another swing at the gangrel, hitting him in the side. Hugh mad with getting hit unloads his handguns pointblank into the gangrel’s head, killing the gangrel with out even a word. Paul takes the time to suck what little blood is left in one of the ghouls. Victoria and James take quick sips from the other two. Paul finishes off one other before stopping to question the last ghoul as to any information he has about Dalia. He tells Paul that she is farther down the subway and he been down here all his life. Paul leaves him alive and tells him if he is still here when he gets back Paul will kill him. They head farther down the subway to find a divider with three doors in it. Christian and Hugh head back down the tunnel again. Victoria checks the door and unlocks it. As Hugh and Christian arrive back they group start to bitch about others in the group always running away. They take stock in what they feel and have on hand. The plan ends up being Hugh pitching in a flash-bang. Christian got the door as Hugh sent in the flash-bang. With a short wait, the group started to hear sounds of battle in the next section, letting a short time pass to see if any more vampires would come in, which none did, they went in. They observed a fight between the four that were in there. Only the weaker one of them frenzied, but that has kept the other two busy. A short a discussion later, they decide to take these four out before moving on. Hugh tells them to clear back out as he pitches an incendiary grenade that lands dead center of the group in that room and starts to burn them.

Right here the end of the game night came up and we packed up for the night took our two weeks off for D&D and a week for gossip. We get back and pick it back up on a short night of play.

With much too much conversation about side by side refrigerators and other things we get to the game. This is the first night without Hannah as her player saw the light and will not be coming any more as it was too late for her.
They watch through the doorway to see all of the vampires engulfed in flames and burn to cinders. After they ensure they are safe the take in what is in the room. I tell them that there are three doors on the far wall with 1 on each side and the third up a staircase of to one side. Though there was some talking going on I thought that everyone was clear with the layout, I was sadly mistaken. Hugh tells me he is going to go through the middle door. Now I was fairly sure I said nothing about a middle door that night I just went through the recording and did not hear someone say anything about a middle door before Hugh. So I call the roll for going through the wall. I should know better then to do these things, but I did. As he makes his way through the wall, into a dark room that the door on the right to the tunnel he looks around to find some light. (We do have a short rules check on auspex as to how to use it.) Hugh backs out of the room and Paul looks it over. Hugh and Victoria then check the door on the left to see a smaller room with a door on the far side. The group lead by Paul goes to the far end to check what is behind that door to see a subway platform in disrepair. Paul looks it over for signs for resent activity find that it is not well used, but people have been through recently though it looks more like construction traffic then anything else. The group goes up the stairs to find a meeting room that had been used for other proposes before its conversion. At the far end of this room are two doors, Hugh and Victoria check them both out to find a balcony looking out over the platform they had just seen. There are stairs leading down from the balcony to the far side of the tracks, but Paul after stepping out on to the balcony see that it is not to far down and jumps the rail. He lands safely on the platform; though Gracey tries she fails to hit the platform and lands by the rails. Hugh follows Paul as Victoria, Christian, and James walk down the stairs. There a blocked off area that looks to head up to ground level, Paul confirms that it is by knocking out a piece of the plywood. After a short discussion they all decide to push on down the tunnel, a short while later they arrive at yet another division wall. They feel that there are two vampires on the other side. Paul’s mind rolls back to what Hugh had done earlier and start to inform the others of his plan. Not to use the door and go through the wall instead. Hugh and Paul break through the wall on either side of the door way tackling the two that were in there. Paul rolling through after tackling the vampire pops up and says, “The number 12 from downtown to Manhattan”. (This comment was most likely do to out of game comments and did you get the number of that train, but hey it is funny.) The rest come in through the door. Hugh who stays on top of his victim pulls out one of his full auto 9mm and unloads it into the guy head; it doesn’t have a killing effect, but does cause a severe wound in it. Christian steps through the whole Paul made in the wall and takes a hack at Paul’s vampire sending a spray of blood in to Paul’s face. This vampire rolls off some of the rubble to start to fight back as Paul jump back on top of him and drives his sword down into his neck. Gracey give the guy a swift kick to the head. As Victoria goes after the one Hugh shot with a stake imbedding it into his back. Hugh pulls out his knife and takes a slice at his guy, gashing his neck. Christian turns to take a swipe at Hugh’s removing what little material that held his head on. Gracey takes yet another kick at the last one causing some more trauma. Victoria picks up her stake to use it later. Hugh seeing that there isn’t much holding the other guys head on tries to just pull it off, but fails. Paul press down on the sword blade with all his power working the broadside through the neck. Gracey kicks the guys head one last time sending it rolling off. They finally start looking around the room. It appears to be under construction for use as reception area. At the far end of the platform is a short set of stairs leading farther in to the tunnel.

They hit what will, end up being, the last of the partition walls. Feeling about four vampires on the other side, Paul tells them that going through the wall again is the best course of action. Victoria, Hugh, and Paul all take this route into the room. With in the room they find seven vampires, two that look like Dalia, another that appears to be Damon Westman, and four others that they don’t much care about long term. Paul tells the rest to take care of the Dalias and Damon; he wants to get his hands dirty. Gracey and Christian open the door and walk in to the room. Paul sights in the closest target and goes for him with his sword. The sword slices from the top of the right shoulder down into the center of its body. Victoria goes after the first Dalia and hits her with the stake in the head with this distraction his obfuscate falls him to show that is not Dalia. Christian sees this and tries to dominate her, tell her to go wait by the door. Hugh sees someone start towards him and takes aim at her pulls the trigger and hits Dalia with the shots leaving her almost destroyed. Gracey takes off form the door and kicks one of them in the face, she likes to do this it seems. Paul pulls his sword out of the first one and takes another slice have it fall it two places while getting hit from some gun fire from across the room. Victoria runs up to Damon and drives a stake into his stomach. Christian takes a strike at another of them giving them a cut. Hugh shoots at the fake Dalia getting a few hits. Gracey sees this and runs over to kick him landing a light blow. Paul sees who had taken a few pot shots at him and cuts off the arm holding the gun. Victoria pulls her other stake and drives it into Damon’s ribs.

(At this point Paul’s player makes a few comments about the fact that tonight every started to play with their text messaging and how it had been cutting down on out of game chatter. Not that I mind the chatter most times, I almost like it more than all the beeping caused by the texting, but it was fun for the time. Back to the fight.)

Christian cuts into the vampire in front of him, as Hugh takes shots at the one Gracey had just kicked doing so harm. Gracey feeling spry goes for another run and trips on the way. Paul feeling a bit on the sadistic side cut off the other arm. Victoria pulls out one of the stakes and pushes it back in not doing much. Christian takes one more hack at his vampire destroying it. Hugh takes another shot and finishes his target. Gracey goes after the fake to kick him and misses. Paul goes after someone new to protect Victoria from an attacker from behind catching a piece of him. Mister armless falls over hitting Christian in the process. Victoria continues with Damon to bring him down to the point he can be controlled. Gracey gets hit by one of the goons and tries to kick him and fails. Paul sees this and goes after him and misses. Hugh and Gracey at a few new hits as Christian takes out one of the remaining goons. Hugh gets a hit in; Gracey misses hers, as does Paul. Victoria pulls a stake out of Damon and hits the fake with it. Christian slashes out again sending pieces flying. Gracey continues to beat on the vampire in front of her. Victoria continues to beat on the one behind her with the broad side of the stake. Though the other vampires rail against the group, but fail to do much damage. Hugh hit the one attacking Gracey, throwing her off as she misses. Paul comes back with one final blow sending the guy head out of the room. Victoria subdues Damon with a final hit to the head. This ends the battle as they gather up zip ties from the construction area. Paul, Christian, and Hugh now drag out Dalia, armless, and Damon to the SUVs. They get back out of the tunnels and load the prizes in to the SUVs, see that it is getting to close to dawn and the trip to drop off the prizes would push to close. They talk it over and as Paul’s is closer they head for there. Dalia, armless, and Damon get locked into their own cells. Everyone is given a place to rest for the day at Paul’s.

This ends that batch of game play we talk over what has happened and plan for the next day. Everyone reviews their wounds and how much blood is going to be needed. We start in on the next evening, but cut it short as we don’t have too much time to get into anything.

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