I made it before a year

Posted in Other Stuff on December 3rd, 2016 by enwewn

I have not been able to game at all this year as working on and around the house have taken most of my time. I have been following Critical Role and enjoying them play. It some what of a fix for the itch. I hope to finish the recording of the Rochester game, I think I have a few more nights. The night I am on currently the recording sucks so it takes a long time to get though as I have to stop often. After I am done with what we played I am thinking of continuing the story as a fiction project. Not sure on that as my overall writing skills are not that great. Well really they are crap, but I would like to think I can do something with the story as it is. I am also encouraged by have just recently gotten back in touch with my editor friend and maybe I can get a few of the nights that I have written checked out and put up.

Well enough of this back to work I guess.