Gaming the 28th and 29th maybe

Posted in One Shot on December 27th, 2008 by enwewn

Well the plan was made to be gaming those nights but that doesn’t always work. The plan is for a one shot game and as such I needed to make a charactor to play as some one else is GM (yes). So here he is.

Bank Teller
White Male 23 5’7″ 160#

Noland Sanders was brought up in New Orleans by his mother, Donna, from the time he was born. His father was killed going to his job at the gas station by a run away car. When he was younger due to having only his mom for income they moved around a lot and did not have very much. She tried her best to keep him in the same school though. It was having this stability in his life that let him even think of going to college. He did well in school and was able to get a few grants so that he could attend college without being a burden to his mother. At the end of his first year in college his mother was killed by a drunk driver while she was coming home from work. He never went back to school. He was able to get a job at a close by bank as a teller. This lets him walk to work as he fears cars after what they had done to his family even four years after his mom was killed. With this income he is able to keep his place up and even enjoy going out from time to time. He doesn’t have many friends as he was always trying to help his mom at home. He had met a few people in college, but with just a short time there he didn’t get to know many of his class mates. At the bank his is well liked and recently was asked to train as a loan officer, but is unsure of moving to a job that the guarantied income is less then what he gets now.