Night Twenty Three

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This is most likely rough as I am just trying to get the last few nights out for people to enjoy. If the editor ever ends up with some free time this should get whipped into better shape.

We start the night with Hugh calling James to find out what he was doing. Hugh asked about Gracey to make sure they were in one place. Hugh then asked if James would like to break the rest out. James was more then a little surprised at this and asked Hugh what had happened.

(The players for James and Gracey had missed last weeks game and were left at Paul place while the rest started that adventure. Now they get up dated with last weeks game information.)

Hugh explains that he did not do any thing wrong as he got out of there. After some more questioning by James, Hugh tells James about making the stops at The Orphanage and then following leads to a different building. Hugh also tells James about see Zetta and Vern there. Then Hugh asks again if James and Gracey would like to help. James asks if Hugh has a plan to get them out. Hugh of course does not, so James tells him to come over to Paul’s and start to think of a plan on the way. Before James has a chance to hang up Hugh tells him that he does not think he can get in at Paul’s. James tells Hugh that he will meet him at the gate.

While James and Hugh were talking on the phone, Gracey steps out of the place to go feed. Walking not to far from the house Gracey stops in a small store and convinces one of the patrons to go to the restroom with her. As Gracey is a good looking girl the guy is almost eager to go with her. After taking a quick sip of he, Gracey walks out of the restroom leave the guy sitting on the sink, wondering what just happened.

Hugh gets to Paul’s and starts to explain to James what the rest of the group are caught in. Hugh starts to talk about pushing over one of the walls. While James and Hugh are talking about this Gracey comes back from feeding. James just yells to Gracey to get her things as they are leaving. Gracey not liking this asks what is going on. James prompts Hugh to start explaining things again. Hugh goes off on the whole steal box thing and how they need to get them out of there. Gracey asks Hugh and James if they know any one else that can help them right now, they don’t come up with any one. Gracey grasping at any chance calls her sire, Sarah, to see if she knows of anything or anyone to help her, Sarah does not either. Gracey asks for more details about the building. Gracey getting frustrated starts asking question that she knows the answers to. Gracey then tells James and Hugh to come with her to her place and stay there while she goes to check some thing out. James thinks that it would be a better idea to go to a bar to wait for Gracey. Gracey thinks that they should stay at her place so they are easier to find.

Paul tries to strike up conversation with the others and asks other then himself, who is the last person in the world she would fuck. Victoria not having anything much better to do starts to thing about it out loud, but does not get to for with it. Paul then turns his attention to Christian with the question besides Victoria, who is the last person in the world he would sleep with. Christian smarts of with you Paul, then oh you meant female, after a dah comes out of Paul’s month. Then after thinking it over Christian response with I don’t know, because I do not know everyone in the world.

After James, Hugh, and Gracey get back to her place, Gracey takes off for the park that is close by to see if she can talk with Minth. While waiting for Gracey Hugh and James continue to talk over how they may be able to get Victoria, Paul, and Christian out of the cage and building. Hugh goes into more detail about the lay out of the place and how they got there. Not getting any help from Minth, Gracey calls Hugh and tells him she is on her way back, which surprises Hugh a bit as he missed it when she left. Gracey does see a few construction projects on her way back. From what she was hearing earlier Gracey thinks to try and get some tools off the site.

Gracey goes back to the apartment and gets Hugh and James and has them drive back and park close to one of them. As she get close to the site the security guards notice her and one of them tell her the site is close. Gracey asks even for me, to which the one of the guards announces go away we are not paying for it. Gracey try to keep talking the guards into letting her in. Even with a small boost from Gracey dominate the guards do not seem interested in any thing she says. Hugh then steps out of the truck sees that no one is close by and opens fire on the guards. Hugh puts a few rounds into the chest of the first guard and blows the head off other the second one, while Gracey was talking with them. Gracey yells back thanks for the help Hugh. Seeing the blood Hugh goes though the locked fence gates and feed off the guard that was still alive. Gracey then let Hugh and James in on the plan of talking the tools from the site. To which Hugh and James are not impressed and wondering why they just went though all this. After see the futility in this course of action Gracey is in a hurry to leave to get to the build.

They arrive back at the place they left the other vehicle is parked Hugh tells Gracey to open the back of the SUV to see if there is anything in there that they can use to get the others out. As the SUV pops open Louis rolls out much to the surprise of James and Gracey. Seeing Louis reminds Hugh about him as he had forgotten. Hugh introduces Louis to James and Gracey as his explosive friend. James sees that Louis is wired up and asks Hugh about how Louis is set up. James and Hugh talk over how to best use Louis to get people out of the building. Hugh takes a minute to formulate what kind of deal to cut with Louis to make best use of the opportunity. The deal is that Louis needs to get them to release the three hostages, and if he can, Hugh will not blow him up. Louis see no way out takes the deal and walks over to the building. Time starts to pass, and no one is coming out of the building.

As this happens a vampire comes close enough to the cage to induce panic in Christian and Paul. They start trying to get out the back of the cage without any progress.

Louis comes back out of the building to tell Hugh, that no one in the building, right now, is of any threat to him. Hugh just asks if Louis is lying. Louis just flat out says not with this crap strapped to me. James sets the plan of using Louis as a door alarm. James explains that is some one else tries to come in that Louis is to yell to them and if they get by him with out that he will be blown up, if Louis strays too far he will get blown up. While James explains this Hugh arms the explosives on Louis. Louis getting sick of this just asks them to blow him up now. James tells him that is not going to happen and that if he does cooperate with them, he may get out of here.

James, Gracey, and Hugh enter the building with Louis standing guard. James, Gracey, and Hugh make it down to the cage. Hugh looks the cage over to see what they can do to get the others out. After looking it over Hugh finds a control panel that may make the back wall work. Gracey hears this just walks up to the control panel and just pushes a button. By shear luck the back wall starts to slide back out of place. Hugh goes over to the side it is coming out to catch Paul, Christian, and Victoria before they leave, so they know what has happened. Hugh tells them that came here to get them and to meet them back at the SUVs, because James, Gracey, and himself have to pick up the “Louis bomb” before they go. Paul, Christian, and Victoria all think it was great fun that Hugh used the “Louis bomb” for this.

As James, Gracey, and Hugh walk back out the front doors the yell at Louis to get back to the SUVs. As they all get to the SUVs with Louis, Victoria calls Riley and Gracey calls Sarah. Riley answers the phone with a little surprise that Victoria is calling him, as last knew she was still trapped. Riley asks Victoria what is going on. Victoria rattles off about finding Vern’s hide out and getting caught, which Riley remarks that he had already herd about those things, then Victoria tells Riley about James, Gracey, and Hugh coming back and getting her out. Riley, displeased some, tells Victoria that he will need a long talk with Hugh next time he sees him. Riley after commenting on how much of his time has been wasted asks what he can do for her. Victoria tells Riley the reason for the call was to let him know she is out and that they had found one of Vern’s hide outs. Riley tells her that if Vern is not there now that it would most likely be a long time before he returns there. Riley thanks Victoria for the information and asks for her to come see him in a few days. Gracey calls and tells Sarah that everything is fine now and that she is alright. Sarah thanks Gracey for the call and Gracey hangs up.

Paul filling the effects of being locked in a box for a day start to look hard for a snack. Hugh and Gracey make a few comments about a construction site a little ways away and how there may be leftovers. Paul not hearing it, just walks away from the group and finds someone to snack on not that far away. When Paul returns they all agree that they should move on. Paul being mad about being locked up asks Hugh if he has some thing to burn the place down with, after Hugh declines to use Louis right now. Hugh digs around in the back of the truck for a short time and comes up with two rocket launchers and hands one of them to Christian. James and Paul both get a little worried about the out come of this adventure, but let it happen. Christian after a short once over with Hugh aims and fires his rocket at the same time as Hugh sets his off. Both rockets hit the building producing a large amount of damage themselves, but to add to the destruction one of the rockets explosions ruptured the gas line in the building causing a much bigger explosion then Hugh even expected. Christian and Hugh having stepped around the corner to take the shot are both exposed the flying debris, though being that far away they do not get too much. After seeing Christian and Hugh walk off with the two rocket launchers, Paul, Victoria, and James get the idea that maybe it is a good time to leave this place. As soon as they hear a few explosions they take off in one of the SUVs. Christian and Hugh come back around the corner to find that only one of the SUVs is still there. Hugh and Christian jump into the one remaining SUV and head to Paul’s at Hugh suggestion.

They all meet back up at Paul’s late in the night to go over what they are doing next. Paul calls to some of his friend, but only one of them is willing to come over this late. After Paul get off the phone and enters the living room. Gracey jumps on him wrapping her lags around him and getting him a kiss to remember. Shortly after Gracey gets off of Paul, Paul’s guess arrives. Paul tells Gracey the he is bring dinner to bed tonight. Gracey does not like this idea, telling Paul the dinner does not belong in bed. Paul and Gracey argue about it for sometime, and Paul lays down that food is going to bed with him even if that means with out Gracey. Gracey hearing this grabs for food and misses. Paul then grabs them both and drags them into the bedroom.

(Normally I do not worry too much about topics covered during my games, but this next part of the story goes a little farther then average and may not be for every one. Please remember that this is just a game and the events are not real, nor are they condoned just because we played through them. Thank you for reading. If you don’t feel like reading the rest it does not have a great effect on the game if you skip this part. There is a line later to let you know when it is over.)

Gracey rolls off the bed to get away from Paul. Paul asks Gracey what is the problem with bring food to bed. Gracey tells Paul that he has never do it before with her and she does like it. Paul then sees why the problem started and tries to explain the he did know it would upset her as he does this a lot. This just makes Gracey even more determined to leave. Gracey gets off the floor and starts to make her way to the door. Paul then races to the door to get there before Gracey and hold it shut. Paul tells Gracey that she can not leave at this point. Gracey says “Bye Paul.” While she is trying to pull open the door and walk out of the room. Paul holds the door shut so that she can not get out. Paul hearing this slide in front of the door and pushes Gracey back into the room. Paul then locks the door behind him. Paul asks Gracey to clam down, telling her that it is just food. Gracey repeats that you do not bring food into your bed. Paul tries again to clam Gracey just to have her repeat that you do not bring for into the bedroom. Paul tries to call it a bed time snack, but Gracey will have not of it. Paul start to say that it is not have the food in bed, it is that Gracey is afraid that Paul is going to fuck food. Gracey just stays with the point, that food does not belong in bed. Paul then tells Gracey find he will just hang he in cuff on the wall. Gracey replies, no you will not, not if Paul wants her in the bedroom. Paul states that he does not understand, to which Gracey reply of course you do not, because all you do is think with your dick not your head, now good bye. Paul asks Gracey, so now you are going to fight with me about were I eat. Gracey just tells Paul that if he wants food in the bedroom she is not going to be in there also. Paul asks Gracey, so then were is it ok to eat. Gracey tell Paul that anywhere, but the bathroom or the bedroom is fine. Paul then tells Gracey to let go of some of her mortal inhabitations that she still has. Gracey then starts for the door again, but can not make it there do to Paul standing in front of the door. Paul then offers to share with Gracey that does not help any. Paul relates it to eating ice cream. But Gracey still does not see it that way.

Gracey seeing that she is not going to get out the door, pushes through the wall next to the door making quite a mess in the process. General confusion sets in on the rest of the group. Hugh telling Gracey that she made a mess. James wanting to know what is going on. Victoria just stating that Paul is going to kill Gracey. Paul turns though the hole in the wall and grabs Gracey by her hair. Paul then pulls Gracey to hard back through the wall that Gracey lands on the bed next to food with Paul still holding Gracey hair. Paul tries yet again to get Gracey to calm down. Gracey is not having any of it. Paul asks Gracey if he feed every day to which Gracey tells Paul no. Paul states that he does and today he has had a stressful day and wants to eat. Gracey tell him fine, but that she does eat were she sleeps. Paul just tells Gracey that he does, and it is not like he is going to leave her in bed.
Gracey start to calm down and asks Paul to let go of her hair now. Paul just says no. Gracey tries to demand Paul let go. Paul holding tight tells her that she just put a hole in his wall. Gracey break in with that is because Paul won’t let her leave. To which Paul responds that is because this is just dinner and guess what you are not even human anymore. Gracey then starts to vent her anger at food by saying, if you would have come over this wouldn’t be happening, wench. Food responds, who are you calling a wench, bitch. Food continues well bitch if you have such a problem with me being here why don’t you just leave. Paul looks over to try and stop Food from finishing just a little too late. Gracey flies off with, what do you think I have been trying to do. Paul just tells Gracey to shut-up. Gracey continues, I am not just going to shut-up. Paul only reply to this is to slap both Gracey and food with his free hand. Paul then tells Gracey to calm down one more time. Paul then turns to food and tells her to shut the fuck up; dinner is not to talk back. Food only response is to try to tell Paul look my name is Candy not dinner. Paul just quips alright dessert, whatever. Food is food. Gracey wiggles a bit. Paul tells Gracey, until you calm down I am not letting go, you have been fucking ballsy bitch tonight. Gracey then start to question Paul as to why this is such a big deal to him and how come Paul is holding her here against her will. Paul defends it by saying this is how he treat all the other. Gracey screams at Paul that she does care about the others, why is he doing this to her. Overhearing this James yells back fuck he up Paul. Victoria adds a go ahead to the end of. Hugh getting back into the room from some excursion just to catch the comment by Victoria ask what is going on. Victoria explains to him that Gracey just told Paul the she does not care about them, so now she does not care about Gracey. Hugh just goes oh. Gracey looks at Paul and tells him that the long he holds on to her the more excided she is going to get and that Paul will not like it. Gracey again states that she is not just going to calm down after Paul’s laughter from the last comment dies off a bit. Paul then tells Gracey that she is not helping her cause much by continuing to act this way. Gracey asks yet again for Paul to let go of her hair. Paul some what indigent goes, or what, what are you going to do to me. The thought of pulling hard enough to pull out her own hair flashes though Gracey’s mind. After giving Gracey a short pause, Paul starts to find out what Gracey’s problem is with having dinner in bed. Paul say, I do not know what the big deal with this is it is not like I am going to fuck her just eat her, what are you going so jealous for? Gracey screams back, I am not jealous of her, she is just food. Paul tries to break in, but Gracey continues, I just do not what food in here. Paul asks what is the problem with have food in here. With all the screaming go on Victoria and James yell back that it is Paul house he can eat were ever he wants. Gracey hearing this screams out at them screw you all. In response to the James yells into Paul tell him to beat the living shit out of Gracey. Paul continues to tell Gracey she needs to let go, that she is not human any more, she needs to embrace the dark side. Gracey finally has had enough and just stops fighting and goes stiff. Paul yells for Victoria to come and look to see if this is normal. Victoria refuses, so for fun, Paul calls Hugh over to look. This gets Victoria just curious enough o look.

Victoria sticks her head in though the hole in the wall to see Gracey at the end of Paul’s arm just lying there. Candy cringing on the bed, but not making a move to leave it, with one side of her face red. After Paul gave Victoria a short time to look thing over. Paul says to Victoria, I told her to embrace the dark side and she froze up on me. Victoria snaps her fingers at Gracey and says, you who bitch, getting no response. Victoria that comment, just bash Gracey in the head then she should be good. Paul express that he is just afraid that Gracey might hurt herself. Victoria question Paul as to how he thinks Gracey might hurt herself, as she is not doing any thing. Paul goes that is what is scary. Paul tells Victoria that he think he should put Gracey into a closet, for her own protection, as this is freaky, it is the first time Gracey has ever shut-up. Victoria agrees that this is the first time Gracey has ever shut-up. Victoria then tells to the rest of them to come and see, explaining that Gracey has shut-up. This draws a few comments about: if I had a heart I would have a heart attack. James, Christian, and Hugh make there way over to the hole in the wall and take a look for themselves. James makes the comment to Paul, look you scared Gracey to death. Paul uses that fact all he said was Gracey should embrace the dark side. Paul and Victoria go over putting Gracey in the closet, which Paul decides to do, only to be nice as he does not like how this is happening, Paul picks Gracey up gently and puts her nicely into the closet, tied up, and locks Gracey in. While Paul is doing this he makes the comment that he has never seen any one get so upset about food before. Victoria comments that Gracey must just be hanging on to her humanity to hard. Paul before he locks Gracey in tries to explain that this is for her own good and that he will let her out in the evening went they wake up, it is just that she is freaking him out right now. Paul tells Gracey one more time before he locks her in that this is just for her protection. As soon as the door is locked Paul turns and states, now back to food. Victoria and the rest of the group return to the living room and Paul checks out Candy.

Gracey checks her bonds over and finds that she would not be able to slip them without causing herself a lot of damage. Seeing that it has become useless to try and get out, Gracey just gives up and waits for morning.

Candy seeing that all the commotion is over, just blurts out can we fuck now. Paul caught just a little off guard, just stumbles over a, yeah sure. Paul tries to explain the scene away, but Candy does not seem interested in anything and just wants to get down to what she came for. Paul goes into the motions all that time trying to think of ways to make Candy forget what she just saw. Paul slowly returns to himself and gets on with the tasks at hand. Paul makes sure that Candy gets loud just to play with Gracey in the other room. Paul then takes enough from Candy that he sends her to the hospital to be taken care of.

While Paul was having his fun at last Hugh went out and checked on Louis and to make sure that he has been put in a safe place. Victoria, Christian, Hugh, and James all then head off to rooms that have been provided by Paul for them to sleep in today.

We pass into the next night and this same night of play.

New Game Starting in Albert Lea

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We Will be starting a new game in Albert Lea MN. This game is going to be a tengent off the Rochester MN game that is up on the site. In doing this I will be putting up the last few nights of the that game soon. We will be have atlest one return player from the Rochester game and three new players. These three are new to White Wolf gaming so it should be fun. I would like to include any of the other the Rochester players that I can, but do to scheduling I don’t know if that will be posable. I am looking at start this game some time around the first week in Aug. with at lest one pregame sesion to get the new players their characters and familerise them with the rules. The game itself should be picking up about six month after the last game night from the Rochester game. I look forward to getting a game going agian.

Duluth Set backs

Posted in Duluth Game on July 7th, 2006 by Mary

We have had some set backs in Duluth Games but as soon as we get them worked out we will be meeting again……I hope!!!

Some of our members have been having trouble getting the same times off so we can actually game as a group again. This should be resolved with in the next few weeks. I will post as soon as I know when we will be meeting again.

Thanks for your patience,

GM — Duluth