Posted in ADnD on November 21st, 2005 by Paul

Welcome intrepid adventurers to the update of the current campaign. At the end of session 11 we find our heroes some days journey outside of Garnos on the island of Carlinty. The quest as of yet is not fully realized but well under way. The most recent leg of the journey has taken them in search of a young and eager necromancer that has laid siege to a road from Tirma (ruling city of Carlinty) in the south west to Garnos and beyond. Using the armies of undead he has taken control of upon the untimely death of his Master this ambitious mage has only lost one or so caravans to the hearty people that make up the populace of this island. There by shutting down almost all commerce in the southern and western side of the island. This of course has upset many of the local entrepreneurs and crime bosses for that has cut into their profits. So now our little group of Friends has been retained by their respective masters, so to speak, in Garnos to rid the region of this vermin. The motivations of the individual members of the group are numerous! but the end is the same. The sooner we get this done the sooner we can get back to the main quest and ditch each other when that is done.

As we begin session 12 we will find the heroes in the midst of a battle with some very tough if not down right mean zombie looking critters Shall we proceed?

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Posted in ADnD on November 19th, 2005 by enwewn

I have just added two more nights to the ADnD logs. Also I have the updated rules that we play be in OpenRPG post there. Todd will be giving me a Rictus write up soon, and that will be there as well.


Posted in ADnD on November 2nd, 2005 by enwewn

I just posted a raw log of the session we played tonight with some after game chatting in it so have fun.