Christian and Donald in the Past

Posted in As Time Goes By, Character Stuff, Looking Back in Time, NPC Stuff, Sire Relations on January 19th, 2005 by enwewn

Donald has become fond for Christian’s little trips out to the local bars. He sees the potential in the contacts that he makes there, but he wishes that Christian would forget about his old life as it seems to be holding him back from the bigger things. Though Christian has taken to the Invictus, he does not seem to be a fervent member. The first year has gone by now and he doesn’t seem to have moved on that far. The more time he spends in these places the less time Donald has to show him the business. This may start to be a problem if he does not find a spot in the business he will not have anything to stand on while Donald is away, but being young and unconcerned with the long time ahead. That is very attractive way of “living.” Christian has not always seemed to be such a good choice for Donald. Christian when he first was brought over, wanted to go back to his old life and try to keep others from finding out. He is after all, the owner, so if he sleeps all day and is working all night no one would get suspicious of him. That was Donald’s first hurtle, to show him that going back was not a wise idea. Christian got the message, but still missed all of the interaction that being in a bar gave him. Now he is a frequent visitor to many of the clubs that Donald owns. Donald was not sure about Christian doing this until Christian started to make suggestions about how to make the places bring in more people. After that Donald saw that Christian was going to be useful and tried to make watching over the club Christian’s job. Christian was not going to have that as he already knows it loses it appeal after it became that only thing in your life. Donald continued to look for a place for Christian in his business and still does not know were to fit him in. Without knowing were to place Christian, Donald does not want to give him too much access to the rest of the business.