Duluth NPC’s

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NPC: Alexander
Clan: Gangrel
Covenent: Lancea Sanctum
Apparent Age: Early-to-Mid 30’s

Alexander doesn’t like some of the things he does in Vidal’s employ, but he is loyal. He remembers when morality & Faith meant much more to him, but that was a long time ago. The circumstances of his Embrace was similar to our group & he sees a lot of himself in them, but he believes they are honestly better off serving Vidal than working against him.

NPC: Andrea
Clan: Nosferatu
Apparent Age: 30’s

Andrea was involved in the plot to Embrace our erstwhile group. Initally she thought it would be a good idea, but was having second thoughts on the night they were Embraced. So much so that she went back for Edward to help him through it and to teach him Kindred ways.

NPC: Father John Marrow
Clan: Daeva
Covenent: Lancea Sanctum
Apparent Age: 40’s

Marrow is a devout priest in both the Kindred and Kine senses of the word. He is also one of the single most-well-informed Kindred in New Orleans. Marrow is firmly in Savoy’s camp. Marrow’s loyalties are unmistakable & well-known. He holds allegiance to Lancea Sanctum first and Antoine Savoy second. So long as the two don’t conflict, he is one of Savoy’s fiercest supporters. He is interested in the most obscure pieces of knowledge & believes that anything & everything might prove useful against hi enemies at some point.

NPC: Augusto Vidal
New Orleans
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum
Apparent Age: Mid-to-late 30’s

Augusto Vidal’s star has not shifted from the mansion of fortune for two-and-half centuries, and the simple truth is he is growing weary. Unknown to even his closest ally and advisor, he has recently slipped beyond the veil of mortal sustenance and into the dark realm of cannibalism. He has not yet degenerated into actual diablerie, but fears that will come for him very soon, and the pressures to get his affairs in order before that happens is taking a serious toll on him in recent nights.< The truth is that Vidal has spent so long maintaining the grip on the reins of power in New Orleans that he simply doesn’t know how to hand the domain over to someone else. Decades ago he was stripped of the power to sire a worthy successor, and it is proving devastating to the family-obsessed Catholic Ventrue. Vidal is waging a war of attrition against his own sanity. The appearance of weakest has signaled a call to arms amongst his enemies. Even bitter rivals have joined forces against him to take advantage of the one time----the only time---- when the great Augusto Vidal is at his most vulnerable. Vidal even suspects those closest to him except for his Seneschal, who disappointed him by refuse to run the domain for the time he will be in torpor. Vidal knows that he is on borrowed time, and he struggles nightly with not only what must be done but with how he could have ended up in this situation after so long in control. He had been so careful!!

NPC: Miss Opal
Role: Primogen
Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: Carthians
Apparent Age: Middle-aged

Miss Opal is regarded among neonates as one of the most accessible of the Domains luminaries. Her dedication to the Carthian cause has won her numerous supporters, and she strives to encourage the impression that any resident Kindred (especially a fellow Carthian) can come to her whenever legitimate need arises.

Miss Opal refused the title of Priscus. It strengthened the relationship she has with Baron Cimitiere, the clan’s true elder in New Orleans, for whom she holds great respect. It showed the rest of the Kindred how dedicated she was to her responsibilities as one of Vidal’s Primogen.

She has spent the better part of 25 years “working” Vidal from within. She knows that her fellow Carthian and Primogen, Coco Duquette, has been unable to accomplish much, given her relative youth and the difficult choices the Prince seems to enjoy giving her. Thus, Miss Opal’s plan is to try to tag team Vidal by making it seem as though she has her eye on either political or ideological matters. In truth she admires Duquette’s passion, while pitying the situation the Mekhet finds herself.

Miss Opal has recently come to the realization that the fortunes of her clan, ever her top priority, are solidly linked to those of the Carthian Movement than she ever before realized. Given Vidal’s crackdown on Baron Cimitiere, it is only a matter of time before clan and cause merge into purpose.

NPC: Philip Maldonato
Role: Seneschal to Vidal
Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum
Apparent Age: Early 40’s

Perhaps the only vampire in New Orleans who is under more pressure than Vidal, Philip has borne the brunt of the responsibility of the domain, especially when it came to cleaning up the Prince’s political messes or image, and as Vidal grows more and more erratic in his behavior his loyal Seneschal must work harder and harder to keeps things from coming apart at the seams.

Maldonato being loyal and a spiritual anchor to Vidal is a role he takes very seriously. What began as a casual alliance, back before they traveled to America. During the chaos of the Seven Years War, rival Kindred tracked Maldonato to Cordoba and set up what amounted to a dragnet that would have ensnared its target before he could escape the city. Vidal aided Maldonado’s disappearance. When Vidal left for Louisiana shortly thereafter, a grateful Maldonato proudly accompanied him and has neither lost that loyalty nor left his service to Vidal. Maldonato believes he owes his unlife to Vidal, and that fact has shaped most of their history together.

Philip feels guilty about not wanting to rule the Domain in Vidal’s absence but he cannot don the mantle of Prince under any circumstances. He fears even he is causing Vidal troubles in most recent nights, Maldonato recently sent word to his contacts within the Mekhet clan, asking for assistance from the Agonistes bloodline, who are famed for their ability to facilitate the transition to and from torpor. He feels that this would be helpful to Vidal, but he has not as yet told Vidal the visitor is coming because he doesn’t know how to Vidal will respond to this news.

Unbenouced to Maldonato, his invitation while honorable, was changed by his contacts in the Old World, and that the person who has arrived to help is not an agonistes, but is actually a Judge form the Sons of Khalil. Depending upon what the Judge sees the domain and the embattled Prince, Maldonato may have just signed Vidal’s death warrant.

Maldonato is noted to greet visitors and take meetings in exquisite custom-tailored suits in muted tones. In private, Maldonato is a child of tradition who prefers loose fitting clothes of his mortal life, and typically walks around barefoot so that he may always feel the ground beneath his feet.

NPC: Coco Duquette
Role: Primogen
Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Carthians
Apparent Age: Early 20’s

When Vidal extended the offer to Coco to join his Primogen council, Coco suspected some strings would be attached, but she had no idea she’d be in for this. While it has given her the opportunity to bend his ear on occasion, and certainly to be informed as to all the important issues at work in the city, she fears that the truth may be that the appointment did more to neutralize her than to give her an opportunity to use her stirring voice to political advantage.

What puzzles her is that she has never been anything but a true supporter of Augusto Vidal’s. She knows that some vampires in the city actively seek to oust Vidal, and she has always been vocal about how she feels this to be an extremely poor idea in the long run. She, like many others, has always viewed Augusto Vidal as an eternal fixture of the city and, taking that as a given, always framed her ambitions accordingly. Better to make one’s self indispensable to a powerful ruler than to try and bring him down in flames.

With the recent rumors of Vidal’s impending torpor, however, and all the erratic behavior that has accompanied them, Coco is beginning to wonder how best to adapt to the changes going on. One way or another, the truth is Vidal will not be sitting on the throne of New Orleans< much longer. Given her age and politics, she knows she will not be named his successor, she feels she may be able to influence who is named and how that successor plans to actually administrate the domain.