Gracey Mae

Ventrue Invictus

Gracey was born and raised in Queens, NY. She had it pretty good growing up. She has always had a lot of friends. When she was 17, she went to Italy to visit her grandparents for the summer between her junior and senior year in high school. When she was 20, she moved to Minneapolis, MN going to work at the Mall of America for a glamour shot studio. After about a year and a half in Minnesota she moved back home to Queens. She worked to save up for college, eventually gets her money saved, and moves to San Francisco, CA where she goes to college. She majored in photography, and was a cheerleader for the 49ers. She also had a job working for a Catholic church taking pictures of weddings, funerals, and other church functions. She belonged to a Pentecostal church though. She has very high morals, and to this day, she is still a virgin.

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