NPC: Coco Duquette
Role: Primogen
Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Carthians
Apparent Age: Early 20's

When Vidal extended the offer to Coco to join his Primogen council, Coco suspected some strings would be attached, but she had no idea she'd be in for this. While it has given her the opportunity to bend his ear on occasion, and certainly to be informed as to all the important issues at work in the city, she fears that the truth may be that the appointment did more to neutralize her than to give her an opportunity to use her stirring voice to political advantage.

What puzzles her is that she has never been anything but a true supporter of Augusto Vidal's. She knows that some vampires in the city actively seek to oust Vidal, and she has always been vocal about how she feels this to be an extremely poor idea in the long run. She, like many others, has always viewed Augusto Vidal as an eternal fixture of the city and, taking that as a given, always framed her ambitions accordingly. Better to make one's self indispensable to a powerful ruler than to try and bring him down in flames.

With the recent rumors of Vidal's impending torpor, however, and all the erratic behavior that has accompanied them, Coco is beginning to wonder how best to adapt to the changes going on. One way or another, the truth is Vidal will not be sitting on the throne of New Orleans much longer. Given her age and politics, she knows she will not be named his successor, she feels she may be able to influence who is named and how that successor plans to actually administrate the domain.

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