I wish, I still had my own thoughts, but I gave those up long ago. Now I only have his thoughts. One good part for me, though, is at lest I know who he is. One bad part for him is, he does not.
Here is what is going on right now in all the games and on the site, comments are welcome!
Here is what has been happening in our AD&D on-line sessions. The new games are still raw logs, but as I get time I will make them over to game logs.
I have now put the story that has happened sofar , and been gone over by the editor, up outside of the blog. this is only the character driven story information it does not include the OOC stuff that I put up extra in the blog. Please check it out. Timeline
We keep adding to the stuff to see around here. Stop by agian later to see if there is more.

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